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June 2020: The value of personalized ads to the publisher ecosystem is important as ever.

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Facebook Audience Network

How Audience Network helps you grow your app business

Show relative Facebook ads with Audience Network

People-Based Monetization

We match ads with people's interests so they're less intrusive and more likely to keep your audience engaged. Our high-value, flexible formats are designed to enable a better ad experience and higher returns for you.

Show targeting Facebook ads with Audience Network

Quality Controls to Protect Your Brand

Protect your app with brand-safe ads. We offer pre- and post-campaign transparency, block lists, keyword blocking, severity level controls and more to help you ensure a high-quality ad experience.

Earn more money with Facebook Audience Network when users engage with your ads

More Revenue Through Bidding

Bidding provides an impartial and open auction where you can offer every ad opportunity to multiple demand sources at the same time. This increases competition for the inventory and creates greater yield — all in an ecosystem with greater transparency. Learn more.

Flexible, high-performing formats

Native Facebook ads with Audience Network


Ads that you design to fit your app, seamlessly.

Interstitial Facebook ads with Audience Network


Full-screen ads that capture attention and become part of the experience.

Banner Facebook ads with Audience Network


Traditional formats in a variety of placements.

Rewarded video Facebook ads with Audience Network

Rewarded Video

An immersive, user-initiated video ad that rewards users for watching.

Rewarded video Facebook ads with Audience Network


A try-before-you-buy ad experience allowing users to preview a game before installing.

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