Discover how the metaverse is being built by many and why collaboration is the key to it all, with sessions for developers and creators available on-demand.

View the full suite of videos focused on AI and virtual, mixed and augmented realities.



Developer State of the Union

Join us to hear the latest news on the Meta developer ecosystem, and be among the first to learn about all of the exciting new and updated tools, programs and features across AI, VR, MR, AR, Meta Horizon Worlds and Meta Avatars.


Meta Quest 3: Realizing Your Creative Potential

Looking for more details on Meta Quest 3’s cutting-edge capabilities and want to learn more? Are you interested in exploring ways to blend the physical and virtual worlds with MR? This session will focus on ways for you to realize your creative vision.


Everything You Need to Know to Build on Meta Quest

Looking to deliver user delight and build a successful business on Meta Quest? This session gives you an overview of our new and updated tools to support your development with a focus on MQDH, playtesting, release channels, profiling tools, showcases and Meta XR Simulator.


Unlocking the Magic of Mixed Reality

Get a firsthand peek into the mixed reality world we’re building next. Join Meta Leadership as they walk through all things mixed reality and Meta Quest 3, and the cutting-edge capabilities and business strategies driving this next-generation product.


What's New in Meta Spark on Mobile

Learn about Meta Spark’s latest tools and capabilities for mobile augmented reality experiences.


The Llama Ecosystem: Past, Present and Future

Join Meta on a journey through the evolution of Llama - our new open source large language model (LLM). Understand the range of available models, including the new Code Llama. Discover how developers harness Llama’s potential and the significant community impact it has had on the AI ecosystem.


Building Meta's Next Generation AI Product Experiences with Llama

Get an exclusive look at the development of Meta’s new AI Agents features: Assistant, Characters and Friends. This session will give an overview of how these features were created - from subsystems and models to understanding the role of prompts, plugins, and memory. We’ll also cover how Reinforcement Learning with User Feedback is vital.


Taking Llama to the Enterprise Level

Enterprise adoption of generative AI is accelerating at a remarkable pace. Join us for talks with industry pioneers who have adopted Llama to build and grow innovative products.

Developer Sessions

Grow & Engage


Unlocking Your App's Potential with App Lab

Moderated by Meta’s Rita Brenan Turkowski, this panel brings together developers who have experience publishing and managing their titles on App Lab. Learn why they decided to use it and how they’re driving success.


Growing Your VR Business on Meta Quest

This session dives into Meta’s self-serve monetization tooling and the analytics available to Meta Quest developers. You'll discover how to build your VR business, learn how to test to success and gain insight on how to optimize your app lifecycle from a third party developer case study.


Beyond 2D: How Kurzgesagt Scaled to VR

Want to learn how a successful gaming company transitioned from YouTube to VR? Learn from Kurzgesagt’s Lizzy Steib how Kurzgesagt leveraged their global reach to bring their VR Experience Out of Scale: A Kurzgesagt Adventure to the Meta Quest Store and the growing opportunities within Edutainment on Meta Quest.


Keep Up the Good Work: How to Launch Strong and Engage Stronger

In this presentation and panel discussion, moderated by Meta’s Caitlin Bigham, you’ll get a rundown of Meta tools and features that help developers reach and engage audiences within their apps. You’ll also discover developer-led insights, best practices and innovative approaches to maintaining engagement after a successful launch.


Breaching the VR Gaming Market: How Breachers Broke Through

Join Pieter Vantorre on a journey through the development, launch and post-launch of Breachers — a multiplayer VR shooter on Meta Quest. Discover how Triangle Factory built a tactical shooter around the strengths of VR and used a community-centric development process to deliver a successful release.


Accessibility as a Path to Inclusivity: What Devs Need to Know

Join Meta’s Ted DiNola for a panel discussion that explores how designing for accessibility can unlock wider audience engagement. Featuring speakers from Owlchemy Labs, Aldin and Vanbo, you’ll hear experts discuss success stories, strategies and best practices for accessible design.

Present & Expressive


State of Compute: Maximizing Performance on Meta Quest

Better, faster, stronger. In this technical deep-dive, you’ll learn how to get the most performance out of Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3. Create best-in-class titles with the latest performance tools, resources, and best practices.


Action, Reaction: Turning Inputs Into Interactions

Meta Quest experiences can give people deeper, more immersive and more interactive experiences. In this session, you’ll get a first-hand look at the latest technologies that enable more natural inputs and interactions, including hand tracking, virtual keyboards, controller haptics, Interaction SDK and more.


Get Moving: the Latest from Movement SDK

Add expression and deeper immersion to your Meta Quest title with Movement SDK. Learn how to integrate body tracking, face tracking and eye tracking to enhance a user’s social experience. Discover how to implement your own character system. And find out how movement data can help you build more authentic-feeling interactions.


Finding the Fun with Mixed Reality

Meta Quest 3 is unlocking a whole new level of mixed reality. In this panel, moderated by Meta’s Kimberly Unger, hear directly from developers pioneering these next-generation experiences. They’ll discuss the tools they use, their workflow and what they’ve learned so far.


Code Llama Unlocked: The New Code Generation Model

Introducing Code Llama: a new code generation model from Meta AI. Join us as we unveil Llama Code’s unparallaled capabilities, its applications and how it can transform your development experience on AR, VR, and MR projects.

Social & Connected


Injecting Pop Culture into Meta Horizon Worlds

Learn how Meta Horizon Worlds presents a unique opportunity for developers to enhance the experience of entertainment using VR technology. Join experts from Developer Studios as they discuss the advantages, challenges, trends and strategies for building immersive experiences in collaboration with the entertainment industry.


Building Safe and Trusted VR Experiences

In this panel discussion, moderated by Meta’s AJ Glasser, you’ll hear from a group of leading VR developers on how they’re balancing the tension between free user communication and safe, respectful player communities. You’ll also gain an understanding on how building safe, trusted experiences is good for business.


Discover the World of Meta for Work

Mixed and Virtual Reality are changing the way that people work today. Join us to learn why businesses are using Meta for Work for training, collaboration, design work and more. We’ll also look at how our ecosystem is showing up with solutions and what Meta will be launching later this year.


Building Mixed Reality Experiences with WebXR

Mixed reality is quickly becoming a new reality. In this session, you’ll learn how to use familiar web technologies to build mixed reality experiences that can be enjoyed across multiple platforms. Find out about the latest in WebXR development, immersive Web Emulator and Reality Accelerator Toolkit.


Getting to know Llama 2: Everything you need to start building

Get hands-on in this engaging workshop that gives you the chance to build a custom AI chatbot using Llama, Langchain, Agents and Tools. Learn how to incorporate prompt engineering and best practices for responsible AI development. And explore the cloud options that unlock seamless integration with Llama 2.

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