Meta Developer Tutorials

Use these tutorial videos to more easily navigate the Meta developer platform onboarding and responsibility checks processes to get your apps up and running more quickly.

Developer Platform Onboarding

This video provides an introduction to the developer platform, including an in-depth overview of building and managing apps in the App Dashboard.

Meta Developer Platform App Submission Process

This video walks you through the three main steps for submitting an app for review.

Understanding Meta Platform Initiatives Checks

This video walks you through Meta’s platform initiatives checks to help you get your app live quickly and keep it running.

Preparing Evidence for the Data Protection Assessment

This video helps you prepare to submit security-related evidence during the DPA so that Meta can evaluate how you use, share, and protect Platform Data.

Creating a Privacy Policy

Understand how to write a privacy policy that your users can understand, and that meets Meta’s requirements.

Creating Screencasts for Meta App Review

When you submit your app to Meta, you must provide screencasts that show us how to test each permission and feature in your submission.

Creating Screencasts for Ongoing Checks

Learn how to submit successful screencasts upon request that will help Meta verify that you still adhere to Platform Terms and community guidelines.