User Profile API

The User Profile API allows you to use a Page-scoped ID (PSID) to retrieve user profile information that can be used to personalize the experience of people interacting with your Messenger.


To retrieve a user’s profile information, you need to have Advanced Access for the Business Asset User Profile Access feature. Some fields require additional permissions for access.

Though a PSID may be valid, in some cases it may not be able to be used to retrieve a person's profile information. For example PSIDs associated with Instant Games Pages are not accessible via the User Profile API.

User Opt-in

The following events will authorize your Messenger bot to access a person's profile information:

  • The person starts the conversation via a welcome screen and tapped the "Get Started" button.
  • The person starts the conversation by clicking a "Send to Messenger" button.
  • The person starts the conversation by sending a message.
  • The person starts the conversation by accepting a Page's message request.
  • Your Messenger bot uses the askPermission() function of the Messenger Extensions SDK in the webview to ask for the user_profile permission.
  • For apps of type Business, the Business Asset User Profile Access feature is additionally required, and can be applied for via App Review.

Some entry points allow apps to initiate a conversation without granting the app authorization to access the person's public profile. In those cases, the app will be granted permission to access the person's profile after the person replied to the initial message. Notable situations where a person may initiate a conversation with the app, but not authorize profile permission include the following:

Profile Unavailable

Currently, the User Profile API does not support retrieving profile information for Messenger accounts that were created using a phone number.

In this case, the API will return the error code 2018218 along with the message 'No profile available for this user.'

Available Profile Fields

Apps that have received App Review approval for the required feature and permission may retrieve the following fields for users who have made this information public and have opted-in to your Page.

Field Name Description Feature or Permission Required for Access


The user's PSID

Business Asset User Profile Access feature


The user's first and last name

Business Asset User Profile Access feature


First name

Business Asset User Profile Access feature


Last name

Business Asset User Profile Access feature


URL to the Profile picture. The URL will expire.

Business Asset User Profile Access feature


Locale of the user on Facebook. For supported locale codes, see Supported Locales.

pages_user_locale permission


Timezone, number relative to GMT

pages_user_timezone permission



pages_user_gender permission

Requesting feature access to user fields for the Page

  1. Go to Page Settings > Advanced Messaging
  2. Under 'Info About People' select the field and click the 'Request' button.

Retrieving a Person's Profile

To use the User Profile API, send a GET request with the profile fields you want for the person:

curl -X GET "<PSID>?fields=first_name,last_name,profile_pic&access_token=<PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN>"

If the app is able to access the person's profile, the User Profile API will return a JSON string with the requested fields from the person's profile.

  "first_name": "Peter",
  "last_name": "Chang",
  "profile_pic": "",
  "locale": "en_US",
  "timezone": -7,
  "gender": "male",

If the app is unable to access the person's profile, an empty object is returned.

Last Ad Referral - DEPRECATED

This profile field has been deprecated.

The ad_id of the last ad referral will continue to be provided in the messaging_referrals webhook event when the user enters your bot via a click-to-Messenger ad.

Error Codes

Code Message Reason


No Permission For Pages Associated to Instant Games.

The User Profile API is not available for PSIDs associated with Instant Game Pages.


No profile available for this user.

If the person signed-up to Messenger using a phone number, their profile information will not be available via the User Profile API.


Insufficient permission to access user profile.

The app calling the User Profile API has not been granted the permissions needed to access one or more of the requested fields. For more information, see Available Profile Filelds.