These parameters consist of all required event data parameters and any additional data parameters the Conversions API needs to use for ads attribution and/or ads delivery optimization.

The Conversions API now supports web, app, offline, and business messaging events.

Website events shared using the Conversions API require the client_user_agent, action_source, and event_source_url parameters, while non-web events require only action_source. These parameters contribute to improving the quality of events used for ad delivery and may improve campaign performance.

By using the Conversions API, you agree that the action_source parameter is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Main Body Parameters

Customer Information Parameters

Server Event Parameters

App Data Parameters

Standard Parameters

See a list of all standard parameters users can send to Meta.

Conversions API for Lead Optimization

If you integrate your CRM system with the Conversions API for lead events, refer to the CRM Integration guide for the required fields.

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