Overview of Meta Business Extension

The Meta Business Extension helps businesses connect their Facebook or Instagram profiles to their presence on your platform. Once connected, you can help power a large suite of features for businesses to use. Ultimately, this helps increase their reach to new customers and boost transactions on your website.


  • Helps onboard merchants by creating and managing Meta business assets, including Pages, Catalogs, Meta Pixel, Business Manager, and ad accounts. Merchants can then easily manage their presence on our platform and perform actions, such as listing products on Facebook and Instagram, turning on Messenger as a customer support channel, and advertising on Meta platforms.

  • Consolidates and simplifies onboarding.

  • Simplifies the overall integration process, so that you don’t need to integrate with each API separately. For example, you can build a single integration with Meta Business Extension once, instead of integrating with the Business Manager API, then the Pages API, then the Marketing API. This is managed through user and system tokens sent in the Webhook. See Get Asset IDs and Access Tokens for more information.

  • Provides a consistent and simple merchant onboarding journey in a popup dialog, so partners don’t have to build their own user interfaces.

  • Offers an end-to-end onboarding experience where merchants can establish their presence, which can help you grow, directly on partner platforms.

  • Provides a ready-to-deploy development toolkit for easy and cost-effective implementation.

  • Minimizes ongoing maintenance efforts for UI and API upgrades.

Features by Business Vertical

Meta Business Extension provides a variety of features that you can enable for your businesses. In this context, a feature refers to a particular integration that can provide outcomes for your businesses. Each integration has unique implementation requirements, and you can set which features you want to enable. Examples include: managing the business's page call to action, enabling the Messenger chat plugin on the business's website, and many more. See Configure Business Features for more information.

For this context, a vertical represents the type of business your app belongs to. You can integrate with one or more verticals, depending on the type of businesses you serve. A single business can also be set up on one or more verticals, depending on their needs.


  • If you haven’t yet, create a Meta app, and select the Business app type.

  • Your app must be owned by a Business Manager that is a verified business. Learn more about how to verify your business.

  • Your app may require the following permissions approved via App Review:

    • catalog_management— Only if your app will enable Catalog features.
    • ads_management - If you also want to manage merchants ads on behalf of the client.
    • business_creative_management - If your app is a creative app utilizing the draper api.

Next Steps

Read Get Started for integration steps.