Meta Business Extension Integration Review

The Integration Review is the process where Meta verifies your Meta Business Extension integration. Once your integration is approved, you can access the Launch Status tab, where you can launch your application to public users.

Start Your Integration Review

Once you have finalized the Meta Business Extension implementation:

  1. Go to the Developer Panel, click the Overview tab, and complete the checklist.
  2. Click the Integration Review tab and fill out the forms for app details and integration review.
  3. Click Submit to start the review process.

Only users with a role in your app will be able to initiate the Meta Business Extension flow until your app has successfully completed the review and launched.

Best Practices for a Faster Integration Review

To avoid delays with your review, use the review instructions in the Integration Review tabto provide enough details to help Meta verify and approve your integration.

Step 1: Provide Details for a Meta Reviewer

In the Instructions text box, provide detailed, step-by-step instructions on how a Meta reviewer can test your integration for approval, including:

  • A link to your platform with test login credentials.
  • Your platform's login credentials to log in to your Authentication URL. See note below.

To avoid connection conflicts, ensure that credentials you provide are only used by our reviewers; not used for your own testing.

  • Steps to navigate to the Meta Business Extension entrypoint on your platform to initiate Business Login, uninstall the connection, and open the Meta Business Extension Management View, if applicable.

  • Authentication URL and Webhooks Callback URL should be production-ready URLs. If you submit test URLs, you risk your integration being rejected.

Step 2: Provide a Link to a Screencast Video

In the Video text box, provide:

  • A screencast link showing the end-to-end flow (onboarding via Business Login and Business Apps), including enabled features (Call-to-Action [CTA] buttons, Services page card, Catalog, Messenger chat, Shops, and so on).
  • A link to a demo merchant’s screencast for the reviewer to verify pixel firing. This should be included in Pixel Questionnaire (Setup tab, Configure pixel card).

Check Your Submission Status and Feedback

After submitting your integration on the Integration Review tab in the Developer Panel, you can view status, updates, and feedback from our reviewers in the Integration review for Meta Business Extension card > Submission History.

Approval Status

Once your application is approved, click the Launch Status tab to launch the application yourself.

Rejection Status

In case your app should get rejected, address the feedback before starting a new review process. To do so, in the Integration Review tab, click Resubmit.