The following features require App Review. You can request access to these features through the App Review submission process.

Groups API

Groups API allows you to access content on in a Facebook Group.

To get extended permissions you will need to be granted the following permissions:

  • publish_to_group
  • groups_access_member_info

Common Usage

Help people manage the posts, content, and likes published to their group

Help people get information about content posted to in their group

Let people publish content from your app to their Facebook group

Help people get aggregated insights about activity happening in their group

Share data between multiple businesses that you manage

Automatically publish content without the group member being aware or having control

Transfer or sell data obtained through third parties

Provide any non-visible use of insights

Instagram Public Content Access

This feature is meant for apps to discover and read public Instagram photos and videos on behalf of the Instagram business user.

Allowed Usage

To discover content associated with its current campaign

To provide customer support

To identify entrants to its contests, competitions, or sweepstakes

To understand public sentiment around brand

To understand and manage their audience, develop their content strategy, and obtain digital rights

Disallowed Usage

Including Instagram data in a search engine or directory

Attempting to identify groups of individuals or create demographic clusters for the purpose of contacting or targeting Instagram members on or off Instagram

Using data obtained on behalf of a business for any purpose other than to support the business (ex: don’t use data to support your own business or other businesses)

Like Button for apps on iOS and Android

The Like button (available for iOS and Android) allows your app to expose a Like button for any Facebook Page or Open Graph object.

Common Usage

Allow people to like Facebook Pages or Open Graph objects from your app

Live Video API

Provides access to the Live Video API, which allows your app to post live videos to Pages, Groups, and User timelines.

This feature requires the following permissions, which are based on where your app will post live videos. Request these permissions with your App Review submission.

Posting to User timelines:

  • publish_video

Posting to Groups:

  • publish_to_groups

Posting to Pages:

  • manage_pages
  • pages_show_list
  • publish_pages

Allowed Usage

App users can publish live video content from your app to Facebook from a source other than mobile device cameras.

Disallowed Usage

Publishing with the Go Live dialog. You only need to submit for review if you need to stream using the live_videos endpoint

Streaming video from a mobile device camera. This feature is already available in the Facebook app

Streaming to platforms other than Facebook

Show third-party ads, including for other apps

Automatically publish live video without the person being aware or having control

Don't use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images

Optimized Sharing to Messenger

The Messenger Expressions API was deprecated on August 1st, 2018. For information on sharing to Facebook Messenger, see Sharing to Messenger.

Enabled your app to use optimized sharing to Messenger.

The attribution consisted of your app name, logo and a call to action attached to the content shared from your app via Messenger. With this feature, people could install your app and reply with content from your app directly from the attribution.

Common Usage

Let people share fun content created in your app via Messenger

Enhance conversations by letting people reply with content from your app

Ask people to share content just to unlock other content or invite people to install your app

Ask people to share content that contains promotional material

Page Mentioning

Page Mentioning lets your app mention any Facebook Page when publishing posts on the pages managed by your app.

By default, your app may only mention pages administrated by the people who manage your app. If you want the ability to mention any Facebook Page in page posts published by your app, you must submit this feature for review.

To use Page Mentioning, your app need to have been granted the manage_pages and publish_pages permissions.

If your app has its own user authentication system, please include a working username and password in your review instructions so our team can easily reproduce your page mentioning functionality.

Common Usage

Allow people to use your app to publish Page posts that mention other pages

Mention Pages relevant to the content in your page post

Page Public Content Access

Allows read-only access to public data on Pages for which you lack the manage_page login permission. Readable data includes business metadata, public comments, posts, and reviews.

While you are testing your app and before you submit it for review, your app can only access content on a Page for which the following is true: The person who holds the admin role for the Page also holds an admin, developer, or tester role on the app. If you want the app to be able to access public content on other Pages, you must submit this feature for review. Once you set your app to live mode, it will not be able to see any Page public content without this feature.

Common Usage

Provide aggregated, anonymized public content to allow people to follow and track stories that are relevant to them

Provide aggregated, anonymized public content for competitive benchmarking, understanding what content resonates with people and identifying best practices

Provide sentiment analysis based on public content posted on Pages

Provide tools to understand how a business's own brand, products, or services are being publicly talked about

Ability to search for public Pages on Facebook

Businesses cannot sell data

Businesses cannot transfer or sell customer insights or competitive intelligence data to third-parties apart from the Page owner

Businesses cannot map user behavior and engagement across Pages that do not belong to the same business

Businesses cannot build user profiles or attempt to identify individuals

Deprecated Features

FeatureDeprecation Date

All Mutual Friends API

October 24th, 2018

Profile Expression Kit

September 30th, 2018

Optimized Sharing to Messenger

August 1st, 2018

Taggable Friends

April 4th, 2018