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Upload Photos from the Desktop Using Facebook for Adobe AIR

October 8, 2009

Desktop applications can now upload photos using our open source library, which is based on Adobe AIR.

The new version of the library makes it easy to upload photos directly to Facebook using photos.upload.

We created Facebook for Adobe AIR as an open source example on how you can build a desktop application using Facebook Connect for authorization and the Open Stream API for publishing directly to Facebook.

The new version of Facebook for Adobe AIR lets you drag and drop photos directly into the application. Here's a video showing how a user can do this.

You can download the open source library so you can start building your desktop application. You can see an example of the library in use by downloading the application source code.

Let us know what you think. We'll keep an eye on the Developer Forum for your feedback.

Justin, a software engineer on the Platform team, wants to make photo uploading so easy that you can't resist yourself.

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