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Announcing Season 2 of “Explain Like I’m 5” Series

March 18, 2021ByDmitry Vinnik

Since October 2020, the Facebook Open Source team has been publishing a series of short videos (~1 min in length) called Explain Like I’m 5, or ELI5.

In these beginner-friendly videos, one of the Facebook Open Source Developer Advocates explains a Facebook open source project or a topic in the open source ecosystem in a way that is easy to understand.

We publish these episodes on our YouTube channel and you can find accompanying blog posts on the Facebook Open Source blog.

Launching ELI5: Season 2

Starting this month, we are launching the second season of ELI5. We will continue sharing overviews of popular Facebook Open Source projects like Relay, Folly, and React Native. On our YouTube channel, you can already find several new episodes of ELI5 on Open Source and Hydra, with more videos to come.

In this new season, we will be diversifying the topics we cover in the “Explain Like I’m 5” series. This was the number one ask from our viewers, and we're excited to share videos that address topics about the breadth of our open source projects. We will be answering questions like “What is open source?” and “What kind of open source projects does Facebook support?”.

Where to go next?

If you are interested in watching the first season of ELI5, check out this ELI5, season 1 collection. For any new videos, you can go to our YouTube channel or keep an eye on our ELI5 season 2 playlist.

To learn more about Facebook Open Source, visit our open source site, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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