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Surface Relevant Bugs

September 24, 2015ByRoemer Vlasveld

When you're building apps with Facebook, we know you want to have a quick way to find and review bugs that apply to your app. We're always listening to feedback on how our bug systems can be better, so we rolled out a newly redesigned bugs page based on what we've heard from you. With the redesign, our goal is to make it easier for you to find bugs related to your app that other people have reported. We also wanted to make it even simpler to find what you need with a new tagging system.

Making it easier to find bugs related to your app

At the top of the new bugs page, you'll find a drop down where you can select your app, and it'll determine which bug tags are relevant for that app. For instance, if you support Android or the Ads/Marketing API, we automatically pre-fill those tags. The search results are updated directly to provide you with the most relevant bug reports.

A new tagging system to find what you need

Our previous bug page only allowed you to drill down to one category of a specific tag. Now you can combine multiple tags that apply to your app, such as "iOS, Android, Messenger Platform." The search results are powered by a whole new search mechanism and backend to increase the accuracy of the results and help you find bugs that have already been reported.

We're working on more improvements for this page and the overall bug reporting process, so please keep an eye out for more new features to come! In the meantime, we'd love to hear your feedback in our Facebook Developer Community Group