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Ringmark Performance Tests and Coremob Meeting

June 14, 2012ByMatt Kelly

We're excited to announce a handful of updates to the Coremob W3C Community Group and Ringmark.

Ringmark is Completely Open Source

Since the beginning of the project, we've been committed to open sourcing Ringmark in the spirit of transparency and to enable developers all over the world to contribute.

Last month, we open sourced the full suite of tests that we built for Ringmark. We also donated them to the W3C and the Coremob Community Group.

We've been working hard to clean up the code as a whole and get it into a place that we're happy with.

Today, we're happy to announce that we're opening sourcing the rest of Ringmark, including You can get started by visiting and viewing the readme.

Performance Tests in Ringmark

We're proud to announce that the first iteration of performance tests have been added to Ringmark. Specifically, we're testing drawing performance.

At a high level, at the current benchmark, we're proposing that a Ring 1 browser must be able to animate 50 sprites at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second). A Ring 2 browser must be able to animate 100 sprites at 30 FPS.

We've done a quite a bit of work in this area in the past. As part of this work, we've realized that performance testing is difficult, but highly leveraged. App developers - and particularly game developers - are completely dependent on a fast browser. If not, their game won't perform well and users won't play it.

Beyond drawing, we know that physics and garbage collection performance is just as important. With your help, we plan on testing those areas too. So if you're building 2D games and are frustrated by performance in mobile web browsers, please feel encouraged to clone the Ringmark repository and help contribute tests!

Coremob Face-to-Face Meeting

The Coremob W3C group will be meeting at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California from June 25 - 26th. We're looking forward to see everyone in the same place, working to solve the same challenges and move the mobile web forwards. We're also thrilled to welcome Jo Rabin as a new co-chair of the Community Group.

If you're interested in participating, see the event page and the mailing list.

IDC Infographic

We were thrilled to see IDC launch a very detailed infographic about Coremob and Ringmark last month. We encourage you to check it out.

As IDC says, "the growing momentum of HTML5 with mobile developers, the rapid growth of the footprint of HTML5-enabled mobile browsers, and the strong cross-industry support exemplified by Coremob and Ringmark have helped HTML5 reach escape velocity. HTML5 will play an increasingly important role in mobile developers' efforts to reach ubiquity and in tapping a huge body of Web HTML developers wanting to go mobile."

We're proud to be a part of this effort, and we encourage you to join the Community Group and make your voice heard as part of this important movement.