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Ready to Connect
by Zhen Fang - November 4, 2008 at 1:55pm

We’re excited for more users to begin sharing and connecting with their Facebook friends around the Web with Facebook Connect. We wanted to give you an update since we first announced the availability of the Connect developer sandbox at our F8 conference.

Many Facebook Connect implementations have launched over the past several weeks. Some of our launch partners included CBS' TheInsider.com, CNN's the Forum, and Red Bull. Additionally, many sites submitted their implementations to us, and we approved them for launch, including GlobalGrind, GovIt, and IndieGoGo.

These sites all built their Facebook Connect implementations using the developer sandbox and documentation. If you haven’t done so already, you can start coding and testing your Connect site now.

If you have an implementation ready for launch, you can submit your site for approval by the Connect team. To be approved, your integration should be complete and meet all of the Facebook Connect Policies. We’ll review and approve these submissions on a rolling basis, and the response times will vary depending on demand.

As we continue to see developers produce great user experiences, we intend to open this process more widely so that you can build and launch without an approval process. Stay tuned for more announcements and keep on connecting.