Tech Providers

Tech providers are businesses that have a legitimate need to access business data owned by other businesses in order to provide services or functionality to those businesses.

Apps that have been created or claimed by a business cannot be granted any of the permission below unless the business has been verified as a Tech Provider, or the person using the app has a role on the app itself. This essentially means that any apps claimed by a business cannot be used by other businesses until the business has been verified as a Tech Provider.

Business admins can complete the access verification process to have their business considered as a Tech Provider. If verified, any apps claimed by the business can then be used by other businesses.

Note that access verification is independent of App Review, so each of the permissions below must still be approved for Advanced Access before a non-role user can grant them to an app.

Losing Verified Status

A business that has been verified as a Tech Provider will be considered unverified under these conditions:

  • The business's verification status changes to unverified
  • The app becomes disconnected from the business that created or claimed it
  • The business account becomes restricted

Once these conditions are reversed the business will automatically be considered to be a verified Tech Provider again.