Graph API Version Upgrade Guide

This guide helps you upgrade your apps across versions. It lists the steps you take to test and prepare your app for a version upgrade. For changes in each platform release see our changelog.

We recommend upgrading multiple versions at a time. Upgrading to the latest available version maximizes the time between upgrades.

API Upgrade Tool

The API Upgrade Tool displays a customized list of changes that impact an app when upgrading to a specified target version. This allows you to view all relevant changes between the source and target versions.

API Upgrade Tool

Upgrading App Dashboard Settings

In the Advanced Settings of the App Dashboard for your app, select the new version from the Upgrade API Version dropdown menu. This section also has the following functions:

Upgrading Developers and Admins

This upgrades all developers and admins of an app to the next available version. This is similar to overriding the version with a test users, with the advantage of the richer and more varied data that comes from testing with real people.

Upgrading All Calls

This upgrades all calls made by an app to the next available version. We recommend using this after testing the upgraded behavior with either test users or app developers first. Upgrading early is useful since it preserves the option of going back to the original version in case of unforeseen bugs or issues.

Test Users

You can test how a production app would behave in a certain version by using Test Users. You can edit a test user to override the minimum Graph API Version applied for calls using that user's access token. This way, you can verify upgraded behavior for the existing production version of your app.


If you have any questions, please check out the FAQs.