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React Q&A with Dan Abramov

Facebook program manager Chimdi Aneke speaks with Dan Abramov, a software designer at Facebook who works on React—a library for creating user interfaces.

Learn more about Dan's career journey, how we use React to simplify creating helpful UI, and the ins-and-outs of how to add it to your workflow.

  • Question 1 (6:21) - At what point do you believe someone should be referred to as a senior engineer?
  • Question 2 (11:44) - Do you ever experience imposter syndrome? If yes, how do you handle this?
  • Question 3 (14:15) - What concepts or topics are a must for a React developer?
  • Question 4 (16:38) - What does it take to be part of the team working on ReactJs and Redux?
  • Question 5 (20:06) - If a developer has never looked at Redux would you recommend to just pick up Redux hooks for state management? Why?
  • Question 6 (24:57) - What does the future look like for React developer workflow tooling?
  • Question 7 (37:34) - What problem is the React team trying to solve with Suspense and "render and you fetch" paradigm?
  • Question 8 (46:47) - Why have you stopped your javascript series?
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