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Facebook Platform is Healthy
Test and debug your app.
Graph API Explorer
Test, create, and authenticate API calls and debug responses.
Access Token Tool
Generate user and app access tokens for testing.
Sharing Debugger
Preview how your content will look when it's shared to Facebook and debug any issues with your Open Graph tags.
Lead Ads RTU Debug Tool
Make sure your API or CRM integration is set up correctly and receiving data.
Object Browser
Create and edit Open Graph objects for your apps.
API Upgrade Tool
See which API calls are affected by changes in newer versions of the API and learn what changes you need to make to upgrade.
Comments Moderation Tool
Manage comments on your Page and website and control settings for the comments plugin.
Understand your audience and the performance of your app.
Ads Manager
Create and target Facebook ads, view their performance and manage payments and billing.
JS SDK Console
A testing environment for the Facebook SDK for Javascript.
App Links Host Explorer
Create and edit your app links across all mobile platforms.
App Ads Helper
Check the performance of your mobile app ads, see the latest install events, and verify that app events and deep links are working.
App Security Checkup
Check for security vulnerabilities in your app and edit settings to make it more secure.
Certificate Transparency Monitoring
Search and subscribe to alerts for SSL/TLS certificates issued for your domains.