YeeCall is an internet calling app that provides free HD voice and video calls.



The Story

Account Kit Helps YeeCall Go Global

Founded in 2015, YeeCall is an internet calling app that provides free HD voice and video calls. It also provides features such as photo and location sharing, doodles, and beauty filters during video calls. The high quality calls have attracted more than 10 million YeeCall customers worldwide and the app is now available in 15 different languages. YeeCall aims to become a leading global communications app, and Account Kit brought YeeCall one step closer to realizing this dream.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Reliable Service Everywhere

When Account Kit launched in April 2016, YeeCall initially experimented its efficacy by implementing it for 5% of its customers located in select regions. These trials have proven to increase consumer adoption rates of the YeeCall app within 3-5 days since implementation, partly because Account Kit allowed YeeCall to build their own fallback system. In an event when Facebook failed to respond to a ping within five seconds, the registration could be returned to traditional cloud communications services to ensure a successful registration.

The Solution

These test results gave YeeCall the confidence to roll out Account Kit to 100% of its customers. Within two months since the trial started, 50% of all YeeCall customers are accessing the app via Account Kit.

High Conversion and Retention Rate

Account Kit simplified YeeCall's app sign-on and registration process. After integration, YeeCall found a 14% increase in registration completion rates, achieving a 80% average conversion rate. They attributed this increase to the reliability of people receiving their verification codes. Retention rates also rose by 5% as people now enjoy a hassle-free login experience.

Massive Savings

YeeCall sought to provide an easy way for people to log into the app. Account Kit not only provided a simple solution for YeeCall, it also saved YeeCall approximately $20,000 per month in SMS carrier fees. With the funds saved, YeeCall can now focus on innovation and acquiring app downloads.

Furthermore, YeeCall previously required two days of engineering work per month to maintain and support carriers in certain countries. Account Kit solved all of these pressing technical issues and freed up precious engineering resources for YeeCall to create a more efficient workforce.

The Results


of all customers use Account Kit


registration completion rates with Account Kit


per month saved on carrier fees

Facebook Products Used

provided an alternative registration method that is both efficient and effective

acquired 1,000 new customers organically every day