Pixonic's War Robots Finds Success With Facebook Gameroom

Pixonic develops and publishes high-quality games that are popular worldwide. Their games boast 1.5 million daily active users and over 50 million installs across all platforms. In 2013, they launched War Robots, a PvP third-person shooter, to mobile users. The game became an instant success and remains one of the most popular mobile games available.

Available on: iOS, Android, Gameroom


Although War Robots’ fanbase was still growing, Pixonic wanted to find a way to introduce the game to new audiences.


In July 2017, Pixonic decided to join a new wave of developers by releasing War Robots on Facebook Gameroom. Not only did this allow existing fans to test their skills at controlling giant robots – now with a keyboard and mouse – but it also attracted a new, previously unreached audience.

Within three months, active players in Facebook Gameroom more than doubled, totalling 350,000. Revenue spiked and continues to grow at an average of 100% per month. And, remarkably, ARPDAU on Gameroom is least 20% higher than on any other platform.

“We wanted to introduce Facebook Gameroom players to a new PvP experience – and we succeeded, judging by the level of positive feedback.” - Vladimir Krasilnikov, Head of Game Design Department, Pixonic

When considering whether to join Facebook Gameroom, Pixonic weighed a number of factors including the saturation of mobile app stores, the challenges inherent to acquiring new players, and the importance of community in building a fanbase.

Pixonic determined that Gameroom offers a great experience when compared to mobile, that War Robots found a great match in Gameroom's audience, and that Facebook has the potential to be a great advertising solution within the PC market. Pixonic also recognized that Gameroom’s focus on video and community aligned with their ambition to grow their community of streamers and influencers.

Since its release, War Robots has been one the top 3 highest Native Grossing titles on Gameroom. The success of this release has made Gameroom Pixonic’s platform of choice for future PC market releases.


  • 100%
    Revenue growth per month
  • 20%
    ARPDAU over other platforms
  • 300k
    Installs over 3 months

Facebook Products Used:

  • Facebook Gameroom: To provide an enhanced and immersive gaming experience to players and extend the reach of the game to new audiences.