Wanted Scales Referral Recruitment Service Globally With Facebook Tools

The Story

Wanted Scales Referral Recruitment Service Globally With Facebook Tools

Wanted is a referral recruitment service founded in Korea in 2015. Users of the platform refer candidates for jobs and receive a fee for each successful hire.

Since May 2015, more than 1500 companies are utilizing Wanted with over 100 new companies registering monthly.

Available on: Android, iOS

The Goal

As a platform for referral recruitment, Wanted was looking to ensure that people have a simple and straightforward user interface to refer candidates. At the same time, Wanted looked to increase their database and ensure that high quality candidates are referred to companies.

When we first conceptualized Wanted, we tested the feasibility of the idea and assessed the demand for such a service through a Facebook Page. Having received positive feedback from people on Facebook, we invested in a full scale web product. It was amazing to see how we were able to seamlessly bring more than 50% of users over from the Facebook page to the full product through Facebook Login.

Reagan Hwang, Co-founder and Product Development Lead of Wanted

The Solution

Wanted leveraged Facebook Login to shorten the signup and login process. With the integration, people accessing Wanted through Facebook Login recommended 16% more people as compared to other channels.

Facebook Login on Wanted

To ensure that referred candidates had a higher success rate of being hired, it was key that these candidates' profiles were genuine. With Facebook Login integrated, Wanted was able to build a strong database of authentic profiles. Wanted saw that candidates who signed up through Facebook Login had a 29% higher rate of being hired.

Using Facebook Analytics, Wanted was able to gain insights into the behavior of their active users across their site. They used cohort analysis to measure and analyze retention, and discovered that people often visited the same company pages each time they logged in. Wanted leveraged this insight by including a “Follow Company” feature so that people could opt in to receive push notifications when a new job was posted by the companies they were interested in. This improved the user experience and allowed people to get updates on various companies’ offerings quickly. Wanted also integrated Sharing which enable people to share job postings easily to Messenger and News Feed.

As an FbStart member, Wanted was able to utilize Facebook tools and services like Ad Credits to run ad campaigns to acquire new users. Wanted was initially using MailChimp. With the six months subscription upgrade under the Bootstrap program through FbStart, Wanted was able to save money on their monthly newsletter email blast and could direct this funds to try out other campaigns to acquire more users.

The Results


more candidate referrals with people signing in through Facebook Login


higher success rate of being hired for people signing in through Facebook Login

Facebook Products Used

Simplify the registration process and ensure a database of authentic profiles

Learn more about user retention rates and introduce features that improve the user experience

Leverage Facebook tools and services to help the business scale