TrulyMadly Uses Facebook Tools to Help Singles Find Each Other

The Story

TrulyMadly is indeed India's biggest dating platform. It lets single people discover each other through shared interests and personality profiles. TrulyMadly’s most unique differentiation lies in its Trust Score system. Every individual is verified with a score calculated from the data on his/her social network profile, phone number, and even photo ID. This system helps women feel safe about chatting and meeting people and also helps men increase their chances of getting matches.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

The Goal

We have found the Facebook Platform tools to be well-designed for our needs as a startup. Out of the suite of tools, we like Facebook Login most as it provides a quick and easy way for our users to access the app.

Shubhanshi Jain, Product Manager, TrulyMadly

Facebook plays a major role in building a trusted user verification system on TrulyMadly. Not only does Facebook Login provide an easy way to sign up and log in, it also allows people to use their existing information on Facebook to fill out their TrulyMadly profiles quickly. With such convenience, more than 80% of TrulyMadly's customers now access the app with Facebook Login.

The Solution

Upon a user's consent, TrulyMadly uses Graph API to fetch his/her information such as picture, first name, age, location, gender, and relationship status. This valuable information not only increases a user's Trust Score, it is also used in TrulyMadly's match-making algorithm to help users find their perfect match. More importantly, people can control what information they allow TrulyMadly to use and what the app posts to Facebook, thus ensuring a high level of privacy for its customers.

TrulyMadly switched from using an in-house analytics tool to Facebook Analytics in order to allow for more extensive customer behavior analysis. They use Facebook Analytics to find the number of daily, weekly and monthly active users. Additionally, they use cohorts to discover what their daily and monthly user retention rates are like. Facebook Analytics also allows them to select certain user segments and create a seed audience list.

Custom Audience enables them to create a Lookalike Audience based on this seed audience and target ads to people who will become high-quality users of the platform. To acquire these new customers, TrulyMadly uses Facebook App Ads, targeting ads to people of specific demographics and interests. The CPI on Facebook was 50% less than what they have spent on another social network. With more than 20% of their customers acquired from Facebook, App Ads has become their preferred source for paid acquisition.

The Results


of TrulyMadly customers use Facebook Login


decrease in CPI with Facebook App Ads

Facebook Products Used

Analyzed key user metrics

Acquired high-quality new users

Created an easy way to sign up and log into the platform

Provided access to fetch important user data