Facebook platform products help Treatwell to maintain a healthy growth strategy.

The Story

Treatwell’s Beautiful Strategy for Healthy Growth

Treatwell, the new name for Wahanda, is Europe's largest online hair and beauty booking platform. Founded in 2008, it has grown from 5 people to 500 employees across 12 European offices. The company transitioned to being mobile-first in 2014, and mobile now accounts for over 50% of total bookings. Growing at 200% year on year, the company sees nearly 7X higher conversion on its mobile app compared to its mobile site.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Growing quality and quantity

Treatwell's goal was to grow order numbers by at least 10% month on month. The big objective was to bring in new customers with at least 30% higher lifetime value. The company looked to Facebook Mobile App Install Ads to help reach high-quality customers while increasing volume aggressively.

The Solution

A key challenge with other channels is declining activation rate as we start to add volume. With Facebook, we're able to maintain our activation rate despite aggressive user acquisition through Facebook Mobile App Ads.

Thiago Monteiro, Head of Mobile, Treatwell

Accounting for almost 50% of Treatwell's mobile paid marketing, Facebook's Mobile App Install Ads not only produced twice as many activations (users who download and buy) by volume but also had 10% lower CPI compared to any other acquisition source. Additionally, leveraging Mobile App Install Ads to target users cross platform, the company drove people visiting their website to install their app, generating 10% higher app install rates compared to any other source.

In an effort to drive new customers to sign up to provide access to sections such as 'My Personal Profile' and rewards, Treatwell integrated Facebook Login. This allowed for the double benefit of an easy login solution as well as increase in app retention. Even though Treatwell customers don't need to log in to checkout, a third of users now log in using Facebook. Moreover, customers who choose Facebook Login spend over 20% more time in the app and more money with 22% higher order value compared to other login solutions, thanks to the customised experience.


Funneling to victory

When it came to improving retargeting and increasing click-through rates, Treatwell turned to funnels on Facebook Analytics for Apps to better understand their customers' behaviour. For instance, the company noted a huge drop of users going from Search to Add to Basket on Android. By creating campaigns targeting Android users who searched but didn't add to basket, they were able to improve their conversion rate by over 5%.

Understanding the impact of their campaigns was equally important, and Facebook Analytics for Apps helped the company achieve its goal.

Digging into the funnel charts on Facebook Analytics for Apps and understanding our customer demographics helps us paint a clear picture of who we're reaching. This is powerful information.

Thiago Monteiro, Head of Mobile, Treatwell

Segmenting for success in new markets

Entering new markets presented Treatwell with some key challenges. Low brand awareness meant lower CTRs and teams didn't have local segments to target. The company created segments based on Lookalike Audiences of its UK app users (the app's oldest and biggest market) to target potential new customers. Using this technique, Treatwell was able to scale its marketing campaigns in new markets faster and more cost effectively.

The Results


higher average order value of users choosing Facebook Login


increase in conversion (session to transaction) rates by using funnels


number of activations from Facebook App Install Ads


lower CPI for Facebook App Install Ads compared to others

Facebook Products Used

To create funnels and retarget their users

To target new customers based on core user behaviours

To improve user acquisition quality and quantity

To drive users to sign up and increase engagement through a personalised experience