Tatiana Estevez Carlucci

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Preparing the next generation of women for a future in technology

Her story

Even as a university student, Tatiana Estevez Carlucci knew technology had the ability to solve real-world issues. This belief has led her to found several businesses, including her latest venture, Tech Quiero, a Facebook community that teaches foundational technology skills to women.

The challenge

While working as an environmental engineer building sustainable and innovative resources, Tatiana became involved in a metropolitan program to transform vacant lots into urban gardens for local communities. It was during the development of an app for this project that Tatiana found the Developer Circles community and discovered her new passion – championing women in tech—and decided to change the direction of her career entirely.

Her solution

Tatiana became a Lead in her local Developer Circles community, a program designed to create communities for aspiring and experienced developers to learn, build and grow. While hosting a meetup for women, she realized a personal desire to take a more active role in tackling inclusion in Mexico by introducing more women to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tatiana launched a Facebook community called Tech Quiero, a program designed to create locally-organized communities for developers. Leveraging the Developer Circles community and resources, Tatiana offered entry-level classes, workshops and meetups for women on key topics including software development, robotics and data science.

“I remember my first event being so successful. It was full of energy and reinforced the fact that women in Latin America are a huge untapped source of technology talent,” she says.

Tatiana is currently working with a non-profit on an app that aims to address and tackle teen pregnancy and its link to the high school dropout rate – a huge issue in Mexico and one that is close to her heart. “The correlation between teen pregnancy and the high school dropout rate, I feel is one big reason for the absence of women in technology in Mexico,” she adds.

The results

By teaching technical skills to women and girls, Tatiana wants to help future generations overcome cultural stereotypes that have traditionally limited their opportunities. Through Developer Circles Guadalajara, Tech Quiero has launched in two of the largest cities in Mexico, with a third chapter set to open this year.

“Increasing the number of women in tech is a challenge, and I am proud of the work that my local developer community is doing to tackle that. It’s great to see the impact we are having and that we are able to welcome more women into the tech space.”

-Tatiana Estevez Carlucci, Tech Quiero

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