Attending to customer needs in an empathetic manner with Messenger



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Their Story

Connecting millions

Swisscom is a leading telecommunications company in Switzerland that offers mobile services, fixed network, internet and digital solutions to both residential and business customers across the nation.

Their Goal

Solving a crisis

When many Swisscom customers began experiencing technical outages, they turned to social media and Messenger to express their concerns. The telco experienced a 50% increase in Messenger volume during the outages, 21% of which were negative messages. Before the incident, negative messages comprised only 10% of Swisscom’s Messenger conversations. The telco vowed to address these concerns with empathy and respond to every inbound message.

Their Solution

Empathy, transparency and efficiency

Swisscom has been investing on the Messenger platform for many years, as a long term commitment for their company. They leveraged their existing partnership with Khoros Care, a digital customer care solution, which helps the telco manage its inbound Messenger conversations and focus on building strong relationships with customers through transparency, personalisation and clear communication.

Khoros Care helps Swisscom maintain smooth internal workflows, improve customer agent efficiency and allows the team to prioritise key events, even when the volume of messages on Messenger spikes. Because of these capabilities, Swisscom’s team of live customer service agents was able to triage the influx of messages, and prioritise the most important conversations through a tagging and routing system. This system helped the live agents organise into teams so that they could efficiently work through the messages received, with some team members working on the high-priority posts while others worked on regular business cases. Working in this manner ensured all messages were being addressed, and that no customers felt ignored or forgotten.

In addition to customer service, Swisscom also leveraged Messenger to analyze topics, trends, sentiment and more, to identify potential areas of improvement throughout the business.

Their Success

Winning over customers

By utilising Messenger and working with Khoros Care, Swisscom was able to streamline its customer service operating process during a crisis and build lasting relationships with customers. By communicating with them in an empathetic and timely manner, Swisscom turned detractors into fans and saw the following results:

  • 43% of dialogues that started out as negative turned to positive
  • 42% of dialogues that started out as neutral turned to positive
  • Two-hour SLA in 82% of conversations despite a 63% increase in volume

“Messenger and Khoros Care helped us manage a crisis successfully and achieve our goal of quickly communicating with customers in a mindful, empathetic and transparent way. Being on Messenger helped us handle a large volume of messages and through our streamlined workflows, we were able to overcome negative customer and media sentiment.”

-Joel Viotti, Social Media Manager, Swisscom

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