Super Appli Reaches Profitability and 50MM+ New Players


Japan-based game developer Super Appli strives to deliver “not just satisfaction, but emotion” as they work to inspire players of their casual games with a more fun and interesting way to play in the world.


After finding success on the domestic front, Super Appli wanted to expand beyond the Japanese market and monetize their games with Facebook Audience Network. To create games that people in developing countries could easily enjoy, Super Appli looked to platforms that would support HTML5 games to scale.


Instant Games on Facebook offered what Super Appli needed: global reach through Facebook's 2.2 billion+ user base; easy access, even for players on low-end devices; and built-in social and viral capabilities that allowed them to serve up HTML5 games to a worldwide audience and scale quickly.

Through Audience Network, Super Appli can now show rewarded video ads in their games and optimize ad placements to maximize ad revenue.

Using Facebook Analytics to Help Drive Adoption

Through frequent A/B testing and data analysis powered by Facebook Analytics, Super Appli is able to optimize each game's mix of features to drive early adoption, in some cases to reach 1 million users in the first month. The Custom Update API, Chat Bots, and Game Switch API encourage discovery, stimulate repeated game play, and reduce weight. Because the platform is web-based, the team can continue to develop and test in real-time, even after a new game is launched, without having to ask players to download a new version of the game.

Acquiring and Retaining Players through Multiple Discovery and Entry Points

Facebook ads and the Instant Games platform provide various channels for Super Appli's players to discover and return to a game. Through Click-to-Play ads that use attribution and look-a-like targeting, they are able to acquire valuable players at scale, profitably. Super Appli sees 33% of players entering through the Instant Games Hub, 20% entering through an Admin Message, 16% through a bot, and 31% through other channels. Bots offer players gifts to use within the game, while Admin Messages allow players to instantly compete with friends, even if their friends aren't logged in.

Instant Games Grow with Sharing

Beyond Bots and Messages, Super Appli believes that the most effective way to increase traffic and retention is to give players opportunities to share the experience with their friends. Across all of Super Appli's titles, Instant Games lets players share through Social Invites with custom updates or Homescreen Shortcuts.

After just one year, Super Appli has grown its Instant Games team from four to twenty people, and hope to entertain 100 million players worldwide over the next year.


  • 50M+
    total players across six original games
  • 8M+
    monthly active users
  • 20%
    of players enter through an Admin Message

"We feel that increasing the opportunities for our players to share and show off their experience with friends on Facebook and Messenger is the most effective way to increase our traffic." Masaki Iinuma, CEO, Super Appli Games