FbStart Fuels Growth for Streamago

The Story

Streamago Partners with Facebook to Connect Millions of People

Live video streaming is coming of age with people around the world expressing themselves, performing, sharing stories, and documenting their lives. The Streamago app lets you interact with your closest friends and meet new people through live video. Available on mobile and web, you can watch live videos from people around the world and comment or like in real-time.

Facebook is a phenomenal partner. From Facebook Login to App Invites, Facebook Analytics to Open Graph, working in tandem with Facebook has been one of the key enablers to our growth.

Daniele Calabrese, Co-founder & CEO, Streamago

Available on:iOS, Android

The Goal

FbStart Fuels Growth for Streamago

Based in San Francisco, Streamago's CEO and co-founder launched his first app, Soundtracker, and joined FbStart as one of the first 50 members of the program in 2014. Shortly after Soundtracker was acquired, the inspiration for Streamago struck. Knowing firsthand the powerful partner they had in Facebook and how vital the program was to Soundtracker's success leading up to acquisition, Streamago was eager to join the FbStart program for the second time.

The Solution

FbStart gave Streamago access to Facebook's developer tools like SDKs, APIs, insights, and more to build and grow their service. They were able to turn to Facebook's talent and support, as well as gain access to potential investors and mentors during early stages of development and fundraising. FbStart also offered the company early access to unreleased Facebook products and services, and exclusive discounts to powerful third-party partners like Adobe, Amazon, Asana, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, and UserTesting.

Daniele Calabrese, co-founder of Streamago, says, “We've used quite a few products provided by FbStart, and they've been essential to growing the company. They're all tools that increase the productivity, reduce internal friction, and enable us to focus on our core business, which is delivering the best experience to our users for live streaming.”

Thanks to the valuable partnership with FbStart, Streamago had everything they needed to grow to over 2,000,000 registered users, 1,250,000 monthly active users, and 200,000 daily active users.

Connecting with Friends is Easy with Facebook Login and App Invites

Streamago needed an easy account creation and sign-in flow to prevent people from dropping off after install. They decided to implement Facebook Login for its convenience to people and the deep audience data provided.

Customers who sign up using Facebook can easily find their friends and encourage them to join their live stream. The seamless flow helped accelerate a growth rate of more than 50% per month in successful sign-ups. The automatic connection with friends, as well as the ability to discover friends of friends has formed endless relationships that have fueled sharing to over 150,000 posts per day.

Through App Invites, more people are joining Streamago –- boosting their conversion rate to 70%, with 2,000 of daily app downloads attributed directly to app invitations. In fact, 90% of all invitations were coming from Facebook rather than other social channels. This yielded a 400% increase in customer growth over the course of five months, with 97% of those new users producing a public live stream to share on Facebook.

Improving the Product Experience with Facebook Analytics

To continue building on this momentum, Streamago needed deeper insight into engagement. Facebook Analytics allowed them to send over the data through our App Events and analyze the performance of a variety of A/B tests, including changes to the user interface on mobile devices, language, copy, branding, and positioning. This data showed them which features were effective, and which weren't so they could optimize product updates for the highest retention. These insights were especially helpful in understanding their global audiences — since only 6% of their members are in the U.S.

“We constantly monitored demographic information like age and geography, in addition to retention data by user cohorts, and with those insights we were able to determine the elements of the next user interface and product features,” said Calabrese. “We feel Facebook Analytics offers exactly what we need in terms of user acquisition and audience insights.”

For example, Streamago tested the color, size, and position of buttons and copy – specifically the “Go Private” streaming button. With Facebook Analytics, the company monitored performance as they changed the position of the “Go Private” button, making incremental optimizations based on their findings. These changes resulted in a 500% increase in usage of the “Go Private” feature in just 45 days.

Facebook Analytics not only helped to improve the actual look and feel, flow, and functionality of Streamago, but ultimately helped the app to drive engagement and retention. Understanding the power of metrics, Streamago looked closely at their audience data and discovered that certain features and functionality of the app appealed to different age groups. For example, younger millennials were more likely to start a live stream than older audience members. To drive engagement, Streamago created different versions of the app to appeal to the variety of age groups. Using funnels, the company was able to direct people to the appropriate version based on their age, and as a result increase 30-day retention to 60%.

Looking to Facebook for Future Growth

With a tailored, top-quality streaming app and a beneficial partnership via FbStart, Streamago is excited for the future. As they work to release new features, Streamago plans to use Facebook Accountkit for phone and email login, Facebook Audience Network for monetization, Push and In-App notifications for user engagement and other Facebook tools to bring their new products to market.

The Results


increase in daily usage


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