Songkick orchestrates a sound growth strategy with Facebook platform products.

The Story

Songkick, the world's leading independent artist-ticketing and concert discovery platform, partners with hundreds of artists every year to improve the ticketing experience, and engage with fans in incredible ways. Songkick is able to alert millions of live music fans with personalized concert listings every month, while offering ticketing for more than 10,000 events each year. As Songkick continues to grow its audience, it collaborated with Facebook to maximize reach and connect with as many fans as possible, globally.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

By understanding its users, Songkick is able to bring artists and fans closer together. Songkick’s ability to offer each live music fan personalized concert listings based on their profile and music taste comes from an in-depth understanding of its audience. Facebook Login was a perfect product integration, providing Songkick with additional access to rich demographics and user behavior.

For example, when Songkick compared the behavior of users who sign in with Facebook Login vs. email only, they saw that people who connected via Facebook Login bought 7% more tickets on average. What’s more, Facebook Login made it incredibly fast and easy for fans to access the Songkick service and start connecting with artists. Now 50% of fans use Facebook Login to register for Songkick, or sign in to their account.

The Solution

Facebook Analytics was a natural partner for Songkick to form a clear view of its audience, their preferences and behaviors, and patterns that were leading to engagement and long-term retention. More specifically, Songkick’s team used the demographic information in Facebook Analytics as an added tool to expand upon its fan profiles.

For example, Songkick defines an “early adopter” as someone who lives in a big city, listens to breaking bands, and loves going to live shows. Digging deeper into this persona, Songkick discovered that the early adopter needed a more refined and immediate way to know when tickets for concerts they were interested in attending became available. So, Songkick evolved the product experience to include “tickets on sale now” alerts, growing ticket purchases through the app by 15%.

Growing new audience with Facebook ads and technology

Scaling is important to Songkick, so finding cost-efficient advertising partners that allow Songkick to increase awareness and reach is very important. Facebook App Ads were 40% cheaper than competitor advertising products, and Songkick users acquired through Facebook ads had a 35% higher lifetime value compared with those acquired through other advertising channels. Facebook’s ability to deliver a lower CPA, higher lifetime value and precise targeting makes it an important acquisition channel for Songkick and a powerful tool for driving ROI.

As Songkick expands into new global territories, it continues to use valued partners like Facebook to enhance its product and growth. Songkick is already exploring how innovative products like Facebook Live can help it further develop its service, and help even more fans discover when their favorite artists are playing nearby.

The Results


More purchases made by people who log in with Facebook


Increase in in-app purchases from Analytics for Apps insights


Higher LTV of customers acquired through Facebook ads