SOFTGAMES Drives 60MM+ New Players and Increases Session Length by 300%

The Story

SOFTGAMES is one of the world's largest HTML5 games developers and publishers, and their vision is to reshape the way people discover, play, and share mobile games across multiple platforms. Focusing purely on HTML5 games since 2012, they have tens of millions of players across more than 500 hyper-casual titles.

The Goal

SOFTGAMES intends to bring their fun and social games to as many people as possible, and they believed that Facebook was uniquely positioned to bring great games to a massive global audience. With monetization capabilities enabled through Audience Network, SOFTGAMES also saw an opportunity to significantly increase revenue and build their business by working with Instant Games as one of fifteen exclusive launch partners.

The SOFTGAMES development team have entertained more than 60 million players and successfully generated sustainable revenue on the Instant Games platform by constantly testing and optimizing games for group and social gameplay. One of the first challenges they tackled with Instant Games was figuring out how to monetize their games while maintaining a strong user experience and player retention.

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The Solution

Monetizing Instant Games with Audience Network

Since SOFTGAMES have been monetizing their games through Rewarded Ads and Interstitial Ads, they have observed increases to both the amount and value of their In-App Purchases, as engagement time. And as a result, have seen average session length increase by 300% for new games as compared to games that were launched earlier on the platform, while average fill rates have increased dramatically to 92% since Q2 of 2018.

Testing and Listening to Player Community

Closely paying attention to user feedback and making changes that players request has been one of the keys to SOFTGAMES' success. In order to test new features, the team must first generate a hypothesis then quickly test features to see the impact on KPIs. Based on these learnings, they either publish, re-iterate or freeze feature releases. Their development team is continually experimenting with:

  • First-time player experience
  • Prizes and gifts
  • Narrative-driven events
  • Tutorial flows of different length and difficulty
  • XP curves and the impact and usage of time skipping features

To analyze user behavior, they use Facebook Analytics to segment users based on design. SOFTGAMES’ development team have also leveraged Facebook Analytics’ unique automated funnel reporting tool, which highlights and aggregates essential data patterns based on current tracking events for review. The efficiency of this feedback loop with their player community enables them to make rapid, targeted enhancements to the gaming experience. Since there are no game downloads required, every player will always be playing the same, latest version of the game.

Optimizing Instant Games for Group Gameplay

To get the most of the Instant Games platform, SOFTGAMES focuses particular attention on their games' virality performance, with a number of A/B testing models on both player invites and invite acceptance rates.

SOFTGAMES have also seen great success in driving new players through Instant Games’ existing community. Players are connected with their friends and are using the platform on a daily basis, which has set the groundwork for strong engagement.

Bolstering Retention in Instant Games

To keep players coming back to the games, SOFTGAMES uses a Game bot to send contextually-relevant messages, like inactivity reminders. The team maintains a close watch on retention graphs, and over time, they've seen their weekly retention rate increase by 250% for newer games versus the games that were launched earlier on the platform.

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A/B testing is such a crucial element to developing and maintaining a live hit game. Always keeping the player in mind and listening to feedback — can help improve retention and growth.

Alexander Krug, CEO & Co-founder, SOFTGAMES

The Results


players in SOFTGAMES & ROFL Instant Games1


increase in weekly retention for new games2


increase in average session length2


average fill rate for ads on Audience Network3

1. On Facebook and Messenger since 2016
2. For new games compared to games launched earlier on the platform
3. Rewarded Video and Interstitial Ads since Q2 2018since Q2 2018