Based in Mexico, SkyAlert is an app that reports real-time seismic and volcanic issues.

The Story

SkyAlert's Seismic Growth Strategy

Every time an earthquake shakes Mexico City millions of people use SkyAlert to stay safe. Created in 2011 in Mexico, one of the world's most seismically-active countries, SkyAlert reports real-time rumbles and volcanic issues. Fueled by three successive quakes, app installs boomed from zero to one million in just three months. It's now **one of the most downloaded apps in Mexico**, warning an audience of 2.3M people of oncoming tremors a full minute ahead of its competitors. SkyAlert’s geographical coverage has also more than doubled in size, from five to 12 states in just two years.

At SkyAlert we work every day to save people's lives by using the best technology available, and by giving people the right information at the right time in situations where it matters the most. Every month we see examples of how our app helps people to save their loved ones, and protect schools and hospitals.

Alejandro Cantu, CEO at SkyAlert

The Goal

Reaching customers more effectively with the help of FbStart

As SkyAlert was looking to scale its growth, the team turned to FbStart for additional guidance and more effective tools that would help them reach a wider audience and serve it better. This is when SkyAlert took advantage of FbStart’s free partner benefits including Dropbox, MailChimp, as well as the Facebook ads credit promotion for members. With just $2K spent on Facebook ads, in three weeks SkyAlert reached 900K people and 100K people installed the app.

Connecting people with Facebook Login

For SkyAlert, connections save lives. The team discovered that 30-40% of people who use Facebook Login added three to six friends to the app’s Emergency Contact platform so they could notify them in an event of a crisis. The effect was clear; people worried less and used SkyAlert more.

The team also saw that more than 80% of people who started the Facebook Login process ended up creating a SkyAlert account. Moreover, people who logged in with Facebook launched the app 3X more frequently and spent more time in it than people who did not use Facebook Login.

The Solution

Scaling success with Facebook App Ads

To reach the right customers at scale, SkyAlert turned to Facebook Mobile App Ads. For example, in a campaign aimed at people who were aged 30 and over and who were concerned about earthquakes in the Colima region, SkyAlert successfully reached 90% of contacts in just eight days.

After 20 days and an investment of $2.2K, SkyAlert saw Facebook App Ads raise awareness across an audience of 800K people and drive over 30K app downloads, 8% of which became paying customers. The ease of integration and the results achieved are 90% better compared to other advertising channels the team previously tried.

Mapping consumer behavior with Facebook Analytics

When it comes to understanding its customers, SkyAlert needs to know not just who they are but also where they are. Facebook Analytics showed that people were interested in the app outside of Mexico too; many people were using it in the USA, Chile, and Ecuador.

Funnels enabled SkyAlert to measure the drop-off between various steps in the app. When Analytics for Apps revealed that some of its consumers weren’t taking advantage of the app’s full range of features, SkyAlert’s team used these learnings to introduce a clearer, more streamlined app layout.

Finally, Analytics for Apps enabled the team to take a holistic view of the app's usage, providing iOS and Android information all in one place.

Building a steady future with Facebook

With ambitions to expand into global seismic hot spots from Nepal to California, SkyAlert has Facebook at the epicenter of its development strategy. The team intends to increase the number of emergency contacts from six to 100 while adding "Are you ok?" and "We just had an earthquake" automatic messages on Facebook. Wherever tremors could endanger people’s lives, SkyAlert plans to be there.

The Results


people installed the app with $2k spent on Facebook ads


of people who started the Facebook Login process ended up creating a SkyAlert account.

Facebook Products Used

Facebook products and partner benefits helped SkyAlert to reach a wider audience and serve it better.

helped to reach an audience of 800K people resulting in 30K app installs in just 20 days.

Funnels enabled SkyAlert to measure the drop-off between various steps in the app and make the necessary improvements.

People who used Facebook Login launched the app 3X more frequently and spent more time in it.