Improving customer service response time by 73% with Messenger API for Instagram


Trendy finds

SHEIN is a global B2C e-commerce platform that sells fast-fashion goods. The online store offers deals on products like clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, and ships to customers around the world. A tech-savvy company, SHEIN’s in-house developer team built a tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify products from its internal catalogue and connected it to Messenger so that its digital assistant could help shoppers search for items.


Consolidating customer conversations

With a rapidly growing customer base of social media users that are particularly active on Instagram, SHEIN was receiving a huge volume of customer inquiries per month on the social media platform. The retailer needed a solution that could help its customer service team organize, respond to, and resolve queries faster. In addition, SHEIN needed a way to track critical business metrics such as response time and customer satisfaction (CSAT), which impact financial incentives for the customer service team.


Organized messaging

SHEIN partnered with customer service software expert Zendesk and used Messenger API for Instagram to integrate Zendesk’s messaging solutions with its Instagram account.

With the integration in place, Zendesk is able to generate an automated ticket and add it to the customer service queue when a shopper posts a comment or Instagram Story, or sends a direct message. SHEIN’s team of agents is then able to more easily review, respond, or triage the request with up-to-date information, promotions, or support guidance.


Swift responses

Since implementing Messenger API for Instagram, SHEIN has been able to sort and respond to requests from customers on Instagram quickly and efficiently, as well as track customer satisfaction and operational productivity metrics thanks to Zendesk’s reporting functions. It has earned the following results:

  • 73% decrease in first-response reply time after Messenger API for Instagram integration with Zendesk
  • 50% increase in number of Instagram messages SHEIN customer service agents could respond to in one hour
  • 18% improvement in overall service-level agreement (SLA) for comment and ticket responses
All results are self-reported and not identically repeatable. Generally expected individual results will differ.

“SHEIN uses the power of social media to connect with the customers on channels that matter most to them. With Messenger API for Instagram, our team has been able to use the Zendesk platform to organize and respond to customer responses more accurately, and in a shorter period of time, creating a more pleasant overall shopping experience for our customers.”

Jade Wu
Customer Service Channel Manager, SHEIN

“The Messenger API for Instagram integration allows us to bring the power of Zendesk Suite into our client’s social channels. After introducing the API, businesses can easily aggregate message inquiries into a single agent view, and leverage Zendesk Suite tools and automation to more easily manage customer engagement.”

Stephanie Langlois
Social Messaging Product Manager, Zendesk

Messenger API for Instagram

Integrating with existing tools and data, the Messenger API for Instagram makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier--helping to turn conversations into business outcomes.

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