Save the Children Germany

Boosting donations by 29% with an automated Messenger experience




Bettering the lives of young people

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1919, the Save the Children Fund is a leading global humanitarian organisation that strives to improve the lives of children by providing them access to better education, healthcare and economic opportunities. It also provides emergency relief during natural disasters and conflicts, and promotes policy changes that protect the rights of young people in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of the Right of a Child.


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Boosting awareness, gaining trust and raising donations

Despite its storied history as an international children’s non-profit organisation, Save the Children was established in Germany only in 2004, and was not widely known. To boost brand awareness and trust in its services, the organisation was looking for a partner that could help build a digital campaign to share its mission and values. With the Christmas season approaching, Save the Children needed to reassure people that funds would be used solely to benefit children and inspire more donations.


An immersive digital education

Save the Children Germany teamed up with conversational marketing platform Spectrm and Facebook Creative Shop to build an automated Messenger experience that communicated the brand’s missions and goals in an interactive and engaging way.

Spectrm developed an automated flow that featured the heartfelt animated stories of three real children who talked about their biggest wishes for Christmas. To create the animation, Save the Children Germany provided Facebook Creative Shop with video documentaries of the three children. The team then used the videos to bring their stories to life and create a colourful, inviting atmosphere. After learning about each child, people in Germany could donate via a call-to-action button.

The sophisticated Messenger experience Spectrm built included several types of creative, such as video, animation and interactive assets, to make the journey as engaging as possible. It contained a gamified “About” section where interested donors could learn more about Save the Children and its founder, as well as its mission and vision statement, and how it uses funds to make a difference by answering a quiz. Within the automated experience, people could also create a Facebook donation campaign to support the organisation, share a personalised donation gift card with others, and give to a specific Save the Children cause.

To provide a smooth automated conversation, the conversational marketing expert integrated quick replies and open text, a feature optimised using Spectrm’s natural language processing solution to find and learn the most appropriate questions to ask via artificial intelligence.

To promote the automated Messenger flow, Save the Children Germany ran a campaign of ads that click to Messenger, as well as Facebook Stories that click to Messenger. People could also find the experience on Save the Children’s Facebook Business Page.

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Connecting with generous hearts

With Facebook Creative Shop and Spectrm’s guidance and expertise, which were both provided free of charge, Save the Children Germany successfully raised awareness of its work, amplified children’s stories, educated people about how their donations help beneficiaries and encouraged them to engage with the organisation. It conducted a brand lift study for its campaign that ran from November 24, 2020 to January 31, 2021, and earned the following results:

  • 29% lift in donations (from people who saw the ad campaign compared to those who did not)
  • 1.6M people reached
  • 6.1M impressions
  • 2.6% lift in campaign awareness
  • 3.6% lift in people saying they are likely to donate to Save the Children

“For more than 100 years, the well-being of children has been at the very core of what we do. This also means, involving them in our work. The "Save the Wishes" campaign was successful in helping to make this work visible - and gave a voice to those who are often not heard enough : The children of this world.”

Florian Ertel
Online Fundraising Manager, Save the Children Germany

“We believe greatly in the good work done by Save the Children and its positive impact on young people’s lives. That’s why we donated our services to build a custom automated flow to facilitate an impactful customer journey. By delighting customers with emotionally engaging content and conversations, we helped the organisation earn considerable consumer interest.”

Thomas Ränke
Head of Business Development & Partnerships, Spectrm