Sale Stock Provides Affordable Fashion in Indonesia with Facebook Tools

Sale Stock is a fast-growing multinational mobile commerce start-up based in Indonesia. By making use of Facebook tools to provide a hassle-free login experience and to gain deep customer insights, Sale Stock increased their shopping cart sizes and number of app launches.

Available on: Android

Fast and Flawless Login Experience

"People in our target market are heavy social media users and Facebook Login is the best solution in the market. We would be inconveniencing our customers by not offering Facebook Login." - Anthony Loekita Harsono, App User Acquisition Specialist, Sale Stock

Understanding that their customers were heavy social media users, Sale Stock turned to Facebook Login to provide a fast and flawless registration experience. With a convenient account creation process, Sale Stock could understand what their customers were adding to their wish-lists and shopping carts and could create personalized product recommendations.

Sale Stock customers who signed in via Facebook Login not only had 2.5X more app launches, they also had 80% more items in their shopping carts compared to those who accessed the app via other means.

Bringing People Back to their Carts

Faced with the problem of people abandoning their shopping carts, Sale Stock looked to Facebook Analytics for Apps and Facebook App Ads to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. To do that, they first have to identify who were the people with abandoned shopping carts. Facebook Analytics for Apps provided an easy solution. Using funnels, they created a segment of people who have added an item to their wish-lists or shopping carts but did not complete their purchases. This deep insight into customer behavior and demographics helped Sale Stock target the right people with the right messaging.

Sale Stock targeted this audience segment with Facebook App Ads and prompted people to complete the checkout process by reminding the customers that there was limited stock available. This highly targeted campaign, coupled with localized and customized messaging, showed a 20X better ROI than other any other previous campaigns.

Sale Stock also launched a chatbot, called Soraya, that can handle end-to-end transaction on Facebook’s Messenger Platform. Their bot is powered by impressive AI that understands Bahasa slang and regional dialects. The bot handles 100% of queries coming to Sale Stock’s Facebook Page.

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Soraya uses machine learning to better understand customer queries. The bot will decide whether to answer it or direct it to their customer service team for assistance instead. Soraya replies almost instantly to frequently asked questions such as "do you offer cash on delivery?" and "how long is the shipping time?".

Soraya helps Sale Stock automate 34% of all conversations. The business saw a 55% improvement in customer response time and 2.3x conversion to purchase compared to their web and app.


  • 80%
    more items in shopping carts for people signed in via Facebook Login
  • 2.5X
    more app launches for people using Facebook Login
  • 20X
    better ROI than other campaigns
  • 55%
    improvement in customer response time using Messenger

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