Creating a seamless user registration experience with Custom Tab for Android and Facebook Login

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Their Story

Convenient transport

RYDE is a Singapore-based ride-sharing company that was founded in 2014 to help people find convenient carpooling options via its app. Over the years, RYDE has expanded to offer an array of on-demand mobility services including private hire cars, taxis, delivery and pet transport.

To use the RYDE app and be connected with a driver, people need to create an account. Facebook Login helps make this process quick and simple by authenticating a new RYDE account based on personal information including email, gender and profile photo received from Facebook. Once the account is verified, the person can begin using the app.

Their Goal

Convenience for all

The ride-sharing service wanted to build a more seamless account creation experience for Android users, who make up approximately 40% of the app’s user base. To do this, RYDE aimed to implement Custom Tab for Android, a Facebook Login feature.

Their Solution

Upgrades all around

To implement Custom Tab for Android, the RYDE team upgraded its login SDK by referencing the partner-facing resources available from Facebook for Developers. They also contacted the Facebook team and worked closely with them to ensure the implementation process for Custom Tab for Android went smoothly.

Once complete, Custom Tab for Android allowed the RYDE app to make transitions between native and web content seamlessly during the account creation process by ensuring users did not have to leave the native app. This helped prevent users from abandoning the process before completing the account registration. Additionally, Custom Tab for Android provided a shorter buffer time, which helped foster a better user experience.

Example of RYDE's Messenger

Their Success

Seamless registration

Since integrating Custom Tab for Android, Ryde has seen a 11% increase in the overall successful login conversion as well as the following results:


of Ryde’s customers have connected their account with Facebook Login


of new users used Facebook Login (Sept. vs Aug. 2020)


increase in overall Facebook Login conversion rate since enabling Custom Tab for Android (from 84.6% to 93.88% - before and after SDK update)

“Connecting with Facebook Login has definitely helped our users register accounts more easily. With a single button, people are able to grant our app data permissions and access, making the registration process fast and seamless.”

-Paras Gorasiya, Product Technical Lead, RYDE

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