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The Story

Created in Cyprus in 2012, RJ Games is a developer and publisher of action-packed social and mobile strategy games. Its third game Under Control is the biggest to date and brings a cinematic feel to the classic real-time-strategy (RTS) genre.

The Goal

As Under Control began to grow, RJ Games became increasingly focused on two main objectives: extending the lifetime of players and improving monetization. To achieve these goals, RJ Games focused its attention on Gameroom, the new immersive gaming platform launched by Facebook in late 2016.

The Solution

Gameroom is a dedicated space for games and gamers, enabling them to easily locate and engage with a wide array of exciting titles. Even though RJ Games had already established itself on Facebook, optimizing Under Control to Gameroom helped to tap into a wider pool of players that perfectly aligned with its target audience in order to extend the game's reach.

Thanks to the immersive qualities of this new desktop PC gaming destination, players engage in more game sessions per day and their average session time is longer compared to players on other platforms. Players accessing Under Control through Gameroom start 16% more sessions per day compared to other platforms, and spend 18% more time in the game each day compared to other players. And with 300% more PvP battles taking place within Gameroom, not only are players clearly more engaged, but they are also more likely to spend money in the game.

A winning combination of strategy and action, Under Control continues to capture the imagination of its audience. Greater gamer engagement and improved community features embedded in Gameroom helped RJ Games increase ARPPU by 30% (with Gameroom-only users having a 42% higher ARPPU than the overall audience of the game) and achieve 7% growth in quarter-on-quarter revenue, helping RJ Games engage its most loyal players.

The Results


more sessions from Gameroom players each day compared to other players


more time in the game each day from Gameroom players compared to others


higher ARPPU for Gameroom players compared to the overall audience of the game


growth in quarter-on-quarter revenue

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