Ripl Animates Social Media with Facebook's Help.

The Story

Ripl Animates Social Media with Facebook's Help

FbStart increased the speed at which we can develop our business. It has improved our ability to communicate with Facebook, which has been vital as we grow.

Paul Ingalls, CEO, Ripl

Business owners are constantly looking for fresh new ways to make the most of social media. With smaller budgets and less free time, it's a challenge to create content that stands out. Ripl is an easy-to-use tool for creating rich animated videos and graphics — optimized specifically for social. The app features drag and drop elements, text styles, layouts, and more, so anyone with an iPhone and a few moments to spare can create a beautiful marketing graphic or video.

Available on: iOS

The Goal

FbStart Helps Ripl Ramp Up

As a young startup in Seattle, Ripl joined the FbStart program for access to valuable developer tools, benefits, and resources needed for growth. Ripl used Facebook ad credits to reach a wider audience and test messaging, and leveraged benefits from partners like User Testing to add qualitative data about the customer experience to the quantitative data available from Facebook Analytics. However, the most valuable part of being an FbStart member was having access to Facebook mentors and a wider community of startups and developers.

Since Ripl lets people create videos and animated posts using music and other third-party content, it must be careful to comply with Facebook's policies. Ripl was able to work directly with the FbStart team to ensure that user generated content met those policies.

“FbStart has increased the speed at which we can develop our business through access to information,” says Ripl CEO, Paul Ingalls. “It has improved our ability to communicate with Facebook, which has been vital as we grow.”

The Solution

Animated Posts are a Click Away with Facebook Login

Many of Ripl's customers are always on the go so a quick and easy way to sign up for the app was key. This audience would also share its Ripl creations within its social network. Implementing Facebook Login was the logical choice to make it easy for people to sign-up and to share their content.

“Facebook Login was a no-brainer for us because of the simplicity and the natural fit for our users, many of whom end up using Ripl to share to their Facebook profiles and Pages,” says Ingalls.

Facebook Login was responsible for 45% of new sign-ups. People connected with Facebook Login have a 50% higher conversation rate and a 12% higher retention rate than those customers who skip login. Facebook Login is doing more than simplifying the onboarding process — it's providing Ripl with higher-value customers.

Understanding Customers with Facebook Analytics

To build momentum, Ripl wanted to better engage and connect with new audiences. In order to do this the company needed data about its current customer base, what appeals to them, and where it could improve features and workflows. With Facebook Analytics, Ripl was able to tap into deep demographic and behavioral data, connecting with a precise audience of small business owners and other relevant groups likely to enjoy the app. Thanks to this targeting, lifetime value among customers is up, monthly recurring revenue has grown 230% over the last 8 months, and Ripl is making informed decisions to improve the consumer experience like including example images relevant to real estate agents who have been identified as a key segment.

Facebook Analytics behavioral data also showed where customers ran into trouble, and improvements in the app needed to be made. Ripl noticed that organic installs as a percentage of overall installs were down by 50%, and deeper analysis on Facebook Analytics helped them to identify that this was due to a problem with the visibility of an important instruction for how to pass a caption into Instagram. They fixed the error, restoring organic installs back to their original level.

Finding New Audiences with Facebook Mobile App Ads

Facebook Analytics helped Ripl understand behaviors of people who loved its app. Now it needed a way to find more of them. Using Facebook Mobile App Ads, Ripl dove into Lookalike Audiences, a feature that identifies people similar to existing high-value customers. Accessing in-depth interest and behavioral information about these potential customers, the company crafted, tested, and analyzed messaging and creative to determine the most effective way to engage them.

Ripl saw impressive results. After one week of running an ad campaign to reach a key Lookalike audience, Ripl saw installs at a 45% lower CPI. It continued to optimize, adjusting messaging and using innovative formats to hone in on ideal customers while reaching 3.5M people across Facebook. Using Facebook Mobile App Ads' video format, Ripl saw 25% more installs.

Based on its success with Facebook Mobile App Ads, it's now Ripl's core customer acquisition channel and a key part of its paid marketing strategy. Facebook Mobile App Ads came at a 50% lower CPI than competitor products, helping Ripl grow quickly but sustainably.

A Bright Future Ahead with Facebook

Facebook continues to play a key role in Ripl's growth and success, and the company is excited about the future ahead. With its eyes set on international growth, Ripl plans to innovate and engage an even wider audience using Facebook's country, region, and worldwide geo-targeting to take rich social content global.

The Results


increase in MAU in two months due to Facebook Analytics reporting


lower CPI on Facebook compared to other channels


higher conversion rate with users that login with Facebook