Retty goes global with Facebook platform products

The Story

Retty goes global with Facebook platform products

Tokyo-based Retty was founded by Kazuya Takeda in 2010 and officially launched in June 2011. Retty is a social gourmet platform that shares restaurant guides based on trusted recommendations made by users and their circle of friends.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

Retty had been looking into global expansion and is planning to focus on Asia as their next point of entry. Retty needed to build up a database of restaurants with reviews and they had been obtaining restaurant information via existing Retty users or through field research. This process of registering a new location required significant manpower and time investment.

The Solution

We've achieved remarkable cost reduction of 70% in human resource cost needed for field research during our overseas market expansion with the implementation of Places Graph.

Kazuya Takeda, Founder, Retty

As a crowd-sourced gourmet review platform, Retty had to ensure that reviews were made by real users. As such, it was key that user profiles were genuine. Retty integrated Facebook Login into the registration process and this helped them prevent fraud account creation while minimizing steps taken for a new user registration. Retty saw 4X more new registrations through Facebook Login compared to other login methods. Retty also saw a 30% higher engagement rate with people using Facebook Login compared to other sources.

Retty used Places Graph to expand their database of registered restaurants. After implementing Places Graph, the time required for restaurant research decreased by 10X and Retty saved approximately 70% of human resource cost needed for field research. This had led to the number of registered places in their database increasing by 30%. Retty was also able to gather more relevant restaurant information such as a restaurant's operational hours, phone number, and average meal pricing, so that users can make a more informed decision in their restaurant selection process.

The Results


more new registrations through Facebook Login compared to other login methods


higher engagement with users signing in through Facebook Login


less time required to collect information on a location


of human resources cost saved upon implementation of Places Graph

Facebook Products Used

To ensure a community of verified users and provide a simple registration experience

Retrieve place-related details and maintain an updated restaurant database