Achieving Global Growth with Immersive Gaming Experiences

The Story

Plarium is a social, mobile and web-based game developer, headquartered in Israel with five development studios across Europe and the United States. It has 12 titles in its library, including "Sparta: War of Empires", "Stormfall: Age of War" and "Soldiers Inc".

Available on:Web, iOS, Android

The Goal

To offer its highly distinctive gaming experiences, Plarium needed a global platform that would allow for engaging social interactions and help to scale growth.

The Solution

By building on Facebook, Plarium empowered its players to become the conduit of virality through tools such as Invites, Open Graph stories and Groups and clans. With over 50% of its revenue and 63% of its players on the platform coming from organic channels, these tools proved to be the key growth drivers for Plarium's games.

Plarium also released a few mobile titles that leverage the power of Facebook tools such as Facebook Login. This attracted higher quality players that are 10X more likely to pay-and-play than non-Facebook connected users as could be seen in its mobile title "Stormfall: Rise of Balur". Mobile App Install Ads played a big role in Plarium's growth as well, accounting for almost 41% of the traffic driven to its mobile apps across Android and iOS.

We understood that social was at the heart of our games — it’s the main driver of engagement and virality. Facebook was key for us in becoming a big name in the market so fast.

Gabi Shalel, Co-Founder, Plarium

Leveraging Facebook Analytics for Apps insights to quantify the number of impressions generated by its stories and demographic breakdown of users who click on them, Plarium was able to adjust and target the stories better, thus increasing CTRs by 45%. Features such as funnels were crucial for the publisher to optimise monetisation by allowing purchase flow to be monitored. Plarium could then compare conversions vs. initiations and view breakdowns by age and gender.

Outstanding retention and deep engagement fuels growth

Continuing to build its games on Facebook and leveraging the platform's deeply social experience, Plarium sees 63% of their players and over 50% of revenue on coming from organic channels. The platform creates outstanding consumer engagement through strong player interaction, with an average paying player staying with Plarium's games for more than 18 months. As the publisher launches exciting new titles, it sees a positive overall effect on their monthly active players and plans to continue using Facebook as its preferred platform.

The Results


months average lifetime of a paying player on


higher tendency to spend in game by Facebook-connected players


of players and over half of revenue generated through organic channels on


increase in click-through rates on Open Graph stories

Facebook Products Used

To leverage its inherent social nature to grow its games

To improve player retention and tendency to deposit

To drive player acquisition on its mobile games

To improve targeting