Reaching a Global Audience Through Immersive Experiences on Gameroom

Created in 2012, Pixel Toys is a UK studio behind “Drop Dead”, “GunFinger” and other popular and commercially successful action games on mobile. Launched in late 2015, its action-packed and visually stunning hit “Warhammer 40K: Freeblade” has gathered a loyal following of 10M players worldwide.

Looking to engage its existing fans, continue to grow the game globally and bring its rich mobile experience to a desktop environment in an easy and high-quality way, Pixel Toys turned to Gameroom.

Launched in November 2016, Gameroom is a dedicated and immersive PC gaming platform from Facebook offering freemium and premium games to millions of gamers worldwide.

Gameroom's close integration with Unity's exporting solution meant Pixel Toys could port their game from Unity 5 to the new platform in a simple and seamless manner, and when Gameroom expanded its SDK to support C++ in March 2017, any game made in a C++ engine can now effortlessly publish on the platform too.

Thanks to Gameroom's global reach and close-knit community, in just a few months "Warhammer 40K: Freeblade" has seen significant organic growth without additional effort from the team. Crucially, this new Gameroom audience is a close match with the game's target audience of 18-35-year-old males. Thanks to Gameroom's engaging and visually immersive nature, the team has also seen the average session length go up by 25% and the player retention rate increase by 30% compared to mobile.

Gameroom has also helped the Pixel Toys team to better monetize the game. “Warhammer 40K: Freeblade” players on Gameroom are 2X more likely to spend money in the game and the daily average revenue per user is 2X higher compared to mobile. The team has also seen a 30% rise in the average revenue per paying user.

Based on these initial results, Pixel Toys is looking to explore the platform growth further and consider launching new titles on Gameroom first or simultaneously with the traditional channels, as well as developing new games specifically for Gameroom.


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