Piggy Is Coming

Piggy is Coming Achieves Success with Facebook Tools

The Story

China-based AladinFun Technology is a game studio focused on creating cross-platform casual social games for players all around the world. Their latest game title, Piggy is Coming (豬來了 in Traditional Chinese), has achieved great success in the Greater China Region. The gameplay for Piggy is Coming is simple. Players collect gold coins and special items to build islands that they'll have to defend. They can also attack islands built by their friends to earn rewards, or steal gold coins from other players.

Available on: Facebook.com, iOS, Android

We have tried other social platforms but found that people are either not active on them, or that the platform isn't open to game developers like ourselves. Facebook is the ideal social platform, and its unique developer tools provide us with the best way to tap into people's social graph.

Sunson, Co-founder, AladinFun Technology Co.,Ltd

The Goal

Piggy is Coming relies heavily on a player's network of friends. As an interactive game, they rely on Facebook Login to provide both an easy way to access the game and request a player's permission to share his or her Facebook social graph. The game uses this information to enable people to find and interact with friends who are also playing the game. Players are also notified when a friend installs Piggy is Coming.

The Solution

Facebook Login is integral to the success of Piggy is Coming. 85% of players signed up with Facebook and these players have proven to be of significantly higher quality. Facebook Login players have a 72% higher 15-day retention rate, spend 61% more time in the game, makes up 95% of paying players, and generate 44% more revenue on average.

Piggy is Coming implemented Game Requests for players to invite their friends to the game. These Requests are sent by a player to one or more friends and include a call-to-action to download the game. The game has also implemented Sharing for players to share game content on their Facebook profiles. By utilizing Game Requests and Sharing to facilitate word of mouth marketing, Piggy is Coming acquired more than 5.5million players organically, accounting for 60% of total installs.

In markets where Piggy is Coming is relatively new, the game relied on Mobile App Ads to obtain players quickly. Up to 50% of installs in these markets were acquired via Mobile App Ads.

The Results


of all players use Facebook Login


of total paying players use Facebook Login


of all installs are obtained organically with Game Requests and Sharing

Facebook Products Used

Quickly reached players in a new market

Used to provide people with an easy way to sign up and login.

Helped obtain millions of new players

Allowed players to share content from the game