Peculiar Ediomo-Abasi

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Gaining tech knowledge within the community

Her story

After graduating from the University of Calabar, Peculiar Ediomo-Adasi was eager to deepen her understanding of technology and gain relevant skills to land her dream job in the industry.

Amazed by the stories coming out of the Developer Circles community, Peculiar started to write about the individuals involved. Through these stories, she found herself not only drawn to the technology side of things, but equally, to the product development process and the entire user experience surrounding a product.

The goal

What Peculiar lacked in technology knowledge—she more than made up for with her desire to learn and understand. And so, she decided to tap into the powerful community and its resources to pursue a career in product management.

Her solution

Developer Circles was Peculiar’s starting point into technology. She joined her local community in Lagos and took advantage of its events and resources including a product management series on Facebook Live.

Through that, she was able to learn more about technology and product management, which ultimately helped her pursue a career in this field. Beyond that, it also allowed her to talk, engage and discuss directly with product managers in the community.

“I’ll definitely recommend the Developer Circles community to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of tech. It’s an inspiring platform for developers and tech enthusiasts to learn and grow,” Peculiar says. “There’s also ample room for collaborations and networking with people who have mutual interests and aspirations.”

Whether it was an educational series, product design, making connections, or hearing a leading product expert speak, Peculiar has utilized the platform to have meaningful discussions in the technology space

The results

Peculiar achieved a range of things through Developer Circles. Her team won the 2018 #HackQuantum hackathon at the Decade of Women event, with a Blockchain solution for addressing violence against women. Armed with skills and a deep understanding of products and technology, Peculiar landed a job as a product trainer at a $600M global tech company.

Always motivated to learn and grow, she also became a co-lead for Developer Circles Lagos, the largest community of developers, designer and tech enthusiasts with over 22.000 members globally. Assuming an active role in the community was a natural progression for Peculiar who believes “a steep learning curve is a worthwhile challenge to heartily embrace.”

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