Connecting People in Asia, Enabled by Facebook Tools

Singapore-based Paktor was founded in 2013 with the mission of connecting people in Asia through its matchmaking app. With over 7 million users in Asia, Paktor has facilitated 5 billion profile reviews to date.

Available on: iOS, Android

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“The Facebook developer platform was critical for startups like ourselves to further the business. In addition, the support for adopting beta products was prompt and helpful.” - Ng Jing Shen, Co-founder and CTO of Paktor

Authentic user profiles and a simple registration experience are important for Paktor. To achieve these goals, the company integrated Facebook Login so that people can easily create accounts, log into the app, and create rich user profiles. Paktor noticed that people accessing the platform via Facebook Login have a 47% higher day one retention rates and a 10% higher daily engagement compared to other users. 90% of all Paktor users log in through Facebook Login.

As an FbStart member it leverages benefits from Facebook products and its partners to grow its apps. Through FbStart, Paktor discovered Account Kit. Paktor integrated Account Kit which allowed users to log into the application using their phone number. After adopting it, Paktor saw a 95% user conversion rate with Account Kit with most of their users using their phone numbers as their primary identity.

Paktor relied on Facebook Mobile App Ads to drive high-quality app installs and grow the brand's identity. By running ads showcasing consumer success stories, Paktor obtained 50% of all downloads from Facebook. Paktor also used Facebook Analytics for Apps to better understand their users and fine-tune their ad messaging and targeting. Analytics for Apps helped them analyze user behavior based on device, age and gender, allowing them to reach their most loyal customers and find those with similar traits with Custom and Lookalike Audiences. This resulted in a 22% increase of in-app purchases and a 2X increase in revenue.

Facebook Products Used

  • Facebook Login: Created authentic user profiles and provided a simple registration experience.
  • Account Kit: Allowed users to log in to Paktor using their phone number.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps: Analyzed consumer behaviors based on device, age, and gender.
  • Facebook App Ads: Obtained high-quality app installs and built up Paktor's brand identity.
  • FbStart: Leveraged Facebook developer tools and third-party partner benefits to help build and grow its presence.


  • 90%
    of all users access the app via Facebook Login
  • 95%
    user conversion rate with Account Kit
  • 50%
    of all app installs come from Facebook
  • 2x
    increase in revenue using Analytics for Apps and App Ads