OP.GG Gains Insights On Gamers With Facebook Tools

Founded by Cheonwoo Park and Sangrak Choi in 2015, OP.GG is a game data analytics platform used by 27 million gamers monthly in 30 different countries. As avid gamers, both founders saw a potential in creating a platform for gamers to exchange information and knowledge on game strategies, leading to the creation of OP.GG.

Available on: Android, iOS, Web


OP.GG was looking to provided a simplified account creation process for people. The company was also looking for more accurate statistics and insights on user behaviour.

“Facebook Analytics provided us a straightforward interface with many insights. We were able to track major trends of our services like DAU, MAU and Retention for every platform.” - Ilwoo Lee, COO of OP.GG


Facebook Login on OP.GG

OP.GG integrated Facebook Login so that people can easily register for an account and be authenticated on the platform to access gameplay data. The integration helped to accelerate the registration process with 22% of OP.GG's users logging in through Facebook Login.

OP.GG used segments in Facebook Analytics to analyze the frequency of features being used by different groups of people. Segments are groups of people that can be defined by events, demographics, device info and app install source. Based on the data collected, OP.GG was able to identify how their bronze and silver skill-tier users were responding to different placements of new features. The placement of these features was then optimized, resulting in a 40% increase in usage. Segment insights were further leveraged to craft product-specific questions during personalised interviews.

To better understand actions taken by users, OP.GG also utilized Funnels on Facebook Analytics to determine where people were dropping off. Funnels allow businesses to measure conversion rates between key events to help identify optimization opportunities. With over 20 million users on the platform, OP.GG initially had to pay a premium to utilize this function through a third-party analytics tool. With Facebook Analytics, OP.GG was able to Funnels for free to obtain a similar data set on unique users and this lead to a cost savings of USD$10,000.

By analyzing their funnels, OP.GG was able to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign to collect beta testers for a new feature. They found that the drop off rate was the highest during the process of clicking on the banner ad to verifying a game ID. Having identified this, OP.GG relooked this process and made tweaks which lead to them being able to increase the beta test sign up rate by 50%.


  • 22%
    of users log in through Facebook Login
  • USD10K
    saved by utilizing funnels on Facebook
  • 50%
    increase in beta test sign up rate after game ID verification process was reworked based on insight from Facebook Analytics
  • 40%
    increase in usage of new features for tiered users after new features were optimized based on insights from Facebook Analytics

Facebook Products Used:

  • Facebook Login: Provided a seamless and convenient way for people to register and log in across devices and platforms
  • Facebook Analytics: To measure product engagement and understand customer behavior