Becoming the Go-To Football App

The Story

Picture passionate fans cheering for their favourite teams, anxious supporters waiting for that one crucial goal or emotional followers discussing an unexpected upset. These are moments that Onefootball brings to life through its platform that aims to change the way its 24M football fans connect. With the vision to become a one stop shop for everything football, the Berlin based company looked to Facebook to grow at scale.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

The Goal

Building an online community of football fans

With its top priority being to create a strong community by connecting fans easily with each other and scaling reach, Onefootball adopted Facebook Login as its only channel to log in, thus having 100% of its logged in users connect with Facebook. The 1.65B people on Facebook provided the app with a directory of friends to grow its user base organically.

The Solution

Using social tools like Facebook Sharing, Onefootball put the challenge to the fans, knowing they would share content with other passionate football followers online, thus driving downloads organically. The app has now grown to nearly 5M monthly active users with almost 2M daily users actively engaging on match weekends.

Monetising the Onefootball experience

Happy to have grown their audience of football fans, the company shifted its focus towards driving revenue. Not wanting to disrupt the fan experience with irrelevant and distracting ads, they used Facebook’s Audience Network to implement native ad units.

Through native ad units that match the look and feel of their app and advanced people-based targeting, Onefootball was able to preserve the overall user experience and maintain its 4.8 App Store rating. They also saw better performance including a 100% increase in CTR and a 300% increase in eCPM.

With Facebook’s Audience Network, we have an ad experience which builds revenue and at the same time doesn’t bring negative reviews. That’s extremely important to us

Jonathan Lavigne, CPO, Onefootball

The Results


Monthly active users


Logged-in customers connect with Facebook


Increase in CTR through native ads on Audience Network


Increase in eCPM through native ads on Audience Network

Facebook Products Used

Used to provide people with an easy way to sign up and login.

to grow the audience organically

to monetise through a seamless ad experience