Netmarble expands its global footprint with Stone Age Begins

The Story

Having started off as an online PC games platform, Seoul-based leading mobile game developer Netmarble had their eyes set on bringing quality mobile entertainment to the world. Netmarble successfully launched many mobile games like Lineage 2: Revolution and Marvel Future Fighter in Korea.

Available on:iOS, Android

The Goal

Growing Stone Age Begins in Asia

Netmarble wanted to scale their latest role-playing game (RPG) Stone Age Begins beyond Korea, reaching a wider audience in Asia.

The Solution

Netmarble saw great success for the launch of Stone Age Begins in Korea and they decided to roll the game out within Asia. Within 6 months of its launch in Asia, the game had over 5 million downloads.

Facebook is the most effective platform to reach our target audience beyond Korea. Facebook Analytics was very useful in assisting my team to gain insights on gamers who play Stone Age Begins.

Seungwon Lee, Overseas President, Netmarble

Netmarble took into consideration factors such as efficiency, number of gamers available globally, the availability of various tools and measurement as they evaluated platforms for their Asia game rollout. Netmarble determined that Facebook's broad scope of reach and its access to the largest number of gamers available globally was its choice platform for outreach.

Through the integration of Facebook Login, gamers were able to use their existing Facebook accounts to log into the game and share in-game moments with fellow Facebook gamers. More than 40% of _Stone Age Begins_ gamers use Facebook Login to access the game across different devices and platforms seamlessly. Netmarble observed that gamers that log through Facebook Login were more engaged and gamer retention rate had also increased by 2x. The average time spent in each game session was 2x longer as compared to gamers logging in from other platforms.

Netmarble was also using Facebook Analytics to gather audience insights. They were able to gain better analytical understanding of their gamers profile, demographics, psychographics and gaming behaviour. With the insights derived on gaming behaviour from Facebook Analytics, Netmarble introduced game updates which saw in-game purchase conversion rate increased by 5x. Stone Age Begins had improved the gameplay to encourage stronger engagement and improved specific game features to better monetize the game.

Netmarble successfully launched Stone Age Begins throughout Asia and will continue utilizing Facebook to expand their footprint globally for future game launches.

The Results


million downloads within 6 months of launch in Asia


of the users who login through Facebook have a 2X higher gamer retention rate compared to other login options


better purchase conversion rate


longer time spent by gamers on average

Facebook Products Used

Used to provide people with an easy way to sign up and login.

To locate potential target audience through the insight data to market their product

Acquired a few thousands users.