India's Largest Fashion eCommerce Platform Powered by Facebook Tools

The Story

Myntra is the biggest fashion e-commerce platform in India that serves millions of Indians, with more than 2,000 the world’s top fashion brands on the platform. They sell more than 200,000 items on the app on any given day and have achieved approximately $500M Gross Merchandise Volume in FY 2015 - 2016. Myntra's goal is to give everyone in India access to great brands and fashion, regardless of where they are.

Myntra's business is based on breakthrough technologies, an innovative business model, and truly amazing customer service. To achieve their vision of helping 50 million people look good, Myntra allows payment-on-delivery and has a 30-day free return policy. Since most of their customers shop on their mobile phones, Myntra invests heavily on their mobile platform to provide customers with an unparalleled mobile shopping experience.

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

Facebook's developer tools were the primary reason how we could move from web to app development very quickly.

Ved Antani, AVP, Engineering (Myntra)

The Goal

With Facebook tools, Myntra could quickly build mobile applications that include a very robust analytics system, a strong social sharing feature, and an easy way to log into the app. These critical services helped Myntra become the world’s first “App Only” e-commerce company.

The Solution

With Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, Myntra used the Lookalike Audience feature to target their ads to a high-quality audience of a similar profile to the people who have converted from previous campaigns. By exposing this Lookalike Audience to the same messaging that worked successfully on existing audiences, Myntra was able to bring down the cost per install by 30%.

Facebook Login provided an easy way for Myntra's users to log into the app and helped Myntra reach a large customer base on a variety of platforms. People who used Facebook Login have significantly higher engagement with the app as compared to any other social login products. These customers spent 25% more time on average with 20% more screen views, and they had a 28% higher retention rate than users who were not using Facebook Login.

Myntra also used Facebook Analytics for Apps as their primary user insights tool to gather valuable insights on the quality of installs, conversion channels, and various retention mechanisms.

The Results


decrease in CPI using Lookalike Audience


higher sign up to purchase conversion rate for users using Facebook Login


higher retention rate for using using Facebook Login

Facebook Products Used

Acquired a few thousands users.

Used to provide people with an easy way to sign up and login.

Acquired new customers using Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience.

Improved product discoverability.