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One of Spain’s leading insurance companies, ranked first in non-life products, is also one its most innovative, empowering customers across the country to make claims and manage their policies via WhatsApp Business Platform.


faster in resolving automobile accident claims


second response time to incoming messages


growth in customer opt-in rates


faster in delivering new digital services compared to web and apps


Customer service made simple

Mutua Madrileña is one of the largest insurance companies in Spain, providing a range of services to over 13.5 million customers. The company offers car, home, health, life insurance and a wide range of investment products. With a focus on making life simpler for policyholders, the company is integrating its services across traditional and digital channels to offer true omnichannel experiences.


End-to-end support, in real time

Since 2018, Mutua Madrileña has been building and expanding the functionality of its virtual assistant, EME. Fueled by WhatsApp Business Platform, EME has opened a new chapter in the company’s relationship with customers, who can access the services and support they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Personalized messaging on 1,150 topics, and counting

Mutua Madrileña has distinguished itself from competitors by embracing WhatsApp as a core communications channel. With more than 30 million WhatsApp users in Spain, the company is spearheading the industry’s shift to digital service by reimagining customer experiences for a digitally-savvy population.

Mutua Madrileña teamed up with integration partners Infobip and Emergya to create its EME virtual assistant and develop the APIs needed to integrate WhatsApp with its existing IT systems. Mutua Madrileña began the project in 2018 and went live with its first service based on WhatsApp in September 2020, just as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic swept across Spain.

Eager to gain visibility and control over their finances at a challenging time, policyholders and prospects flocked to digital channels for real-time support. Within just six months of going live with the EME virtual assistant, Mutua Madrileña had received 468,000 messages from customers via WhatsApp, accounting for more than 23% of incoming requests received through digital conversational channels. Not only did this speed up response times for customers, it also helped the insurer to reduce its internal costs by addressing queries more efficiently.

In December of 2020, Mutua Madrileña became the first insurer in Spain to support automobile accident claims submitted by virtual assistant. Policyholders can file and manage their claims end-to-end via EME, with no need for human intervention. Early results reveal the process is now 30% faster. Mutua Madrileña continues to build new functionality for its EME assistant, and as of June 2021, the chatbot’s AI had learned to handle 1,150 different conversation topics.

Among the learnings Mutua Madrileña has taken away from this project is the standout realization that excellent customer experiences don’t have to be complicated. With no need for front-end design or web page builds, the company can use WhatsApp to deliver enhanced services twice as fast as online and app-based experiences, which means it can meet customers’ needs with minimal downtime and zero fuss. The ability to share images, video, text, and audio files directly via virtual chat has also stripped the complexity out of long-winded processes, like managing all the details around accident claims.

The next step for Mutua Madrileña is to integrate WhatsApp Business Platform with its other customer service channels, specifically its call center. The insurer has already transferred all relevant data to its Salesforce CRM platform, and once the integration is complete customers will be able to communicate with the company using any of their preferred channels.


A digital policy for life

With WhatsApp Business Platform, Mutua Madrileña has gotten closer to existing customers while reaching new ones. The company has successfully bridged traditional communications with a leading-edge approach that promises to raise the standard for omnichannel insurance across the industry.

  • 30% faster in resolving automobile accident claims
  • 0.5 second response time to incoming messages
  • 300% growth in customer opt-in rates for customer care
  • 2x faster in delivering new digital services
  • 91% success rate in addressing requests via virtual assistants
  • 13% jump in click through-rates to customer web assistance
  • 20% of COVID communications via WhatsApp, reducing customer service costs
*Results are unique and are provided by the featured business. Success story results will vary, as they depend on a variety of factors.

“Our industry serves a new breed of customer, people who are increasingly inclined to use digital channels and have their needs met on the fly. That’s where the WhatsApp Business Platform really shines, allowing us to deliver simpler, easier-to-access services in real-time without adding strain on our customer service teams.”

Juan Larrauri Diaz
Head of Digital Strategy at Mutua Madrileña


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