Musixmatch's Engagement Strategy Hits the Right Note

The Story

Every month, millions of people search the internet for the words to their favorite songs. More than 40M of them turn to Musixmatch, the world’s most popular lyrics catalogue and winner of FbStart's EMEA App of the Year award. Simple and seamless, the platform allows people to scan their music library to retrieve song lyrics via Musixmatch apps. Its catalogue of 9M crowd-sourced song lyrics in 37 languages is maintained by an expanding global community of music lovers. Since 2010, Musixmatch has grown from six people in Bologna, Italy to a European team of thirty.

Available on: iOS, Android

The Goal

Chorus of approval for FbStart

To grow and improve the app without draining its budget, Musixmatch turned to FbStart’s insights and free partner products; UserTesting proved to be particularly useful as it enabled the team to improve the onboarding experience and increase its customer retention rate. Moreover, receiving FbStart EMEA App of the Year award helped Musixmatch to attract additional media coverage, boosting its position as one of the hottest start-ups in the region.

The Solution

Striking a chord with Facebook Login

Music lovers who use the platform wanted fast and effortless access to the app, and Musixmatch wanted to create a genuine connection with its global community. The team quickly discovered that Facebook Login struck both of these chords. It helped them to ensure that community contributions – such as lyrics translation or edits – came from real people. Today, 55% of people who sign up on Musixmatch use Facebook Login. And people who use Facebook Login have on average 90% higher Day 7 retention compared to the total audience.

Making segments sing with Analytics for Apps

Musixmatch turned to Facebook Analytics for Apps to better understand, engage and retain its community. Looking at the funnels, the team noticed significant differences in retention rates of various segments of their audience. For example, people using the ‘FloatingLyrics’ feature that enabled them to read the lyrics of the music they were listening to had a higher retention rate than other audience segments. To get more people use ‘FloatingLyrics’ the team improved the onboarding experience, resulting in a 20% increase in the conversion rate of people who enable the feature.

Analytics for Apps is a product that gives us detailed insights into people’s interaction with our app. One of its strongest features is the ability to perform funnel and retention analysis for each segment of our audience.

Pierpaolo di Panfilo, Head of Product at Musixmatch

Boosting engagement with the Like button and Facebook ads

Early on the team added the mobile Like button in their app generating 1.6M page likes with an average of 2,000 likes a day. The team did multiple A/B tests to analyze actions people took at various key moments in the app, and identified the best moment to ask for a ‘like'.

Looking to grow its audience, Musixmatch turned to Facebook ads which now represents more than 60% of their paid marketing. For Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, CPI proved to be 3X cheaper than that from competing products. Musixmatch also found that re-engaging music lovers through Facebook ads was a great way to target inactive customers or those who needed to update their app. On average, this has to be proven to be 30% cheaper and more effective than email.

Having experimented with various formats, the team discovered that the most effective CTR format was video, and images for CPC.

Monetizing music with Audience Network

With relatively few people making in-app purchases, Musixmatch was looking for effective ways to monetize its non-paying audience. Integrating Facebook Audience Network enabled the team to create a revenue channel with native ads that complemented the overall look and feel of the app and increased revenue by 350% in a period of six months, while preserving a positive user experience.

From the translated lyrics feature, allowing people to see translated lyrics as they are listening to their favorite songs, to introducing gamification to the app, Musixmatch has big plans for the future. Facebook remains core to those plans, helping the team to expand its global community of contributors, provide deep insights, and monetize the app.

The Results


higher D7 retention rate of customers connected with Facebook Login


increase in customer conversion thanks to insights from Analytics for Apps


Facebook ads cheaper and more effective than email marketing


increase in revenue 6 months after integrating Audience Network