Achieves User Growth Globally Via Facebook Platform

The Story

Founded in 2013, by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, is an entertainment social network platform that allows people to create and share videos globally.

People can create 15-seconds videos of themselves lip-syncing and dancing along to popular music and then share it on the platform. is available in over 30 countries with 200 million users worldwide.

Available on: Android, iOS

The Goal wanted to provide people with seamless login experience. The business was also looking to scale globally and to create a community for people to express themselves through videos.

Through Facebook, we were able to scale globally, increasing user exposure through Facebook App Ads resulting in more than 8 million new users signups.

Alex Zhu, Co-founder of

The Solution

To shorten the signup and login process, leveraged Facebook Login to improve the product experience. With the integration, people accessing via Facebook Login is 260% more effective than other social network platforms.

Facebook Login on

Sharing options on aims to create a platform for people to express themselves through video creation and be able to share these with the world. By including Sharing on Facebook, the community could easily share their video posts with Facebook friends and encourage them to join in as well.

To drive user acquisition, used Facebook App Ads to reach new users. These ads appear in the Facebook Feed and take people directly to the app store to download. has seen more than 8 million new users signups through Facebook App Ads.

Updated app interface versus existing app interface used the demographics and segments capability in Facebook Analytics to learn about the different groups of people using their app. identified that most of its users were between 16 to 24 and saw that there was a potential to engage a wider age group of people aged 25 and above. The team realized that popular features in the app that were used by a more mature audience group tend to utilize more neutral colours for the design interface. redesigned its existing bright coloured interface and pushed out an updated app version with more neutral colour to engage a wider age group. As a result, saw an 130% growth in the total users aged 25 and above.

The Results


more people access through Facebook Login as compared to other social network platforms


new user signups was achieved through Facebook App Ads


growth in the total users aged 25 and above after user interface was updated based on demographic identification from Facebook Analytics

Facebook Products Used

Provide people with a simple way to sign up and log back into the app

Allow people to easily share videos on Facebook

Allow people to invite friends onto through Facebook

Better understand target audience and pushed out product updates to engage a wider age group of users

Message delivery to target audience