Murka Cashes in on a Global Gambling Audience

The Story

Founded in 2011, Murka is a mobile-first game developer with development offices in Ukraine that creates social casino genre hits for a global audience of more than 2 million people across 62 countries. Aiming to create social and mobile games with innovative gameplay mechanics and rich visual experiences, Murka discovered a powerful niche in its market; most casino games were made for a female audience, yet real-world casinos were full of both sexes, so they developed two innovative new social casino projects: Scatter Slots aimed at hardcore male players, and Infinity Slots to target the general social casino audience.

Available on:iOS, Android

The Goal

Engaging its community with Facebook Login

With little virality and no communication channel, Murka's Scatter Slots was not seeing the engagement that the studio wanted to achieve. Tapping on the power of social features provided by Facebook, the studio incentivized players to invite others with hourly bonuses that could only be claimed once the player had five friends playing in the game. It was here that Facebook Login formed an important part of Murka’s strategy and success.

People could easily invite their Facebook friends, see their progress in a game and also compete with each other through “tournaments” where registering was much easier if they were already logged in with Facebook. Not only did Facebook logged in players show high engagement, but they also monetized better. 35% of Scatter Slots monthly average users used Facebook Login to sign in, and these players showed 7X higher tendency to pay compared to other players. Facebook logged in players currently generate 71% of the total revenue of the game.

Finding another channel to drive engagement and showcase the power of community Murka added the mobile Like button to the hourly bonus window, the most-visited place in Scatter Slots. In just three months, Murka increased its fan base by 13X compared to the previous year.

The Solution

Cashing in on a sure thing

With extremely targeted audiences for each of its top games, it was very important for Murka to be able to segment its audience and find high-value players. Facebook's Lookalike Audiences allowed the studio to scale fast while maintaining a positive ROI. Today, almost 60% of their budget goes through Lookalike Audiences, and they see almost double the ARPU for this audience compared to targeting on broad interests.

Building on the Lookalike Audiences, Murka used Facebook App Ads to not only bring in high value players but also gain 3X higher volume compared to other paid channels. Testing with multiple ad formats including static, video and carousel ads across Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram, Murka was able to increase volume while maintaining positive ROI, with the average payback period in 10-12 months.

Slotting the right messages

Combining player acquisition with re-engagement was fundamental to Murka's growth. The studio sent custom App Events to Facebook's Analytics for Apps for all of its re-engagement campaigns showing players the right messages at the right time, and sending them to the right places in the game to boost their activity by deep-linking with mobile app engagement ads.

Facebook Analytics for Apps is the only solution in the market that gives comprehensive and versatile access to insights for us to improve player engagement. For instance, by creating a custom event to identify people who didn't claim the daily bonus, we were able to target them with clear communication and increase engagement with them by 13%.

Angelina Surnina, Chief Marketing Officer, Murka

To further understand its players and target them better, Murka leveraged insights from the Demographics features on Analytics for Apps. Filtering by demographics within its gaming funnel, the studio found that women over 40 years (who were the main spenders in the game) had a huge opportunity because 50% of them never claimed hourly bonuses during the first day in the game. Based on this insight, Murka introduced a strong tutorial to plug the gap and saw a 25% increase in hourly bonus claims.

With the aim to become one of the top social casino game companies on the market, Murka continues to maintain its positive ROI and plans to leverage Facebook products and services even further to grow at scale.

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The Results


Higher tendency to make in-app purchases for players logged in with Facebook


Of the total game revenue comes from players logged in with Facebook


More players acquired with Facebook ads than any other paid channel


Increase in engagement of the highest-spending audience segment