Driving Fashionably Fast Results

The Story

The Asia-based women’s fashion label used the Dynamic Ads API to scale the creation and management of its’ Facebook ad campaigns, running ads more efficiently and achieving a 3X increase in return on ad spend.

Handbag Haven

Launched in 2012, mizzue is an online fashion outlet that sells women’s handbags in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

mizzue product

The Goal

Scaling product ads

With a large catalog of products, mizzue wanted to build an automation tool that would make scaling its product ads on Facebook faster and easier, while maintaining the same highly-focused target audience.

Leveraging Facebook's Marketing APIs to systematically manage our Facebook ads has been key to our success, resulting in increased ROI across all marketing channels.

Eric Chow, CEO, mizzue

The Solution

Generating more ads in less time

mizzue integrated Facebook’s Dynamic Ads API with its enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to automatically create, manage and optimize its Facebook campaigns.

mizzue product

Generating product ads

mizzue started the process by using its ERP system to generate a product feed that included photos, descriptions and prices for each item in its catalogue. After adopting the Dynamic Ads API, their in-house developer used the Facebook Ads SDKs to develop a PHP script that pulled data from the feed to automatically generate posts for mizzue’s Facebook Page. The script then turned these posts into ads with bit.ly links to corresponding product pages on Shopify.

Automatic pacing

The PHP script scheduled all the ads to run at 8 pm and analyzed their performance 4 hours after their launch. If the cost per add-to-cart for a specific ad set was on track, the script automatically doubled its budget, pulling the funds from ad sets that weren’t performing as well. mizzue also set up the script to not enter the ads auction unless the cost per mille rates was at favorable thresholds.

Targeting and retargeting

To reach its ideal audience, mizzue set specific parameters to automatically exclude customers who have recently purchased something from the company. The parameters also allowed the team to re-target audiences based on when they last saw a specific ad or added an item to their shopping cart.

Effortless growth

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads API allowed mizzue to set up and manage its ads quickly and effortlessly, increasing the return on ad spend by 3X. With plans to expand into Southeast Asia and Europe, the company also achieved the following results from June to Dec 2015:

The Results


boost in monthly sales revenue


increase in return on ad spend


increase in ad management efficiency